Tale of a boy whose parents are divorced

“You all know the current trend of the society I just wanted to tell what might be the situation of children of divorced parents”

There is a boy who was the only son to their parents. He was the youngest. He had 2 sisters. His childhood was filled with fear, love, friendship and sorrow. His parents used to quarrel regularly but this boy is their love, whatever the circumstances be both of his parents love him deeply.

One fine day both his parents got separated. He did not know what was going on, he was too small to know that from now on he will be shared by both his parents as though people share things. Little did he know that not only this he has to face a lot of questions from the world as to why his parents live separately. But he always loved them unconditionally and loved his father. he used to visit and stay with his father during summers and vacations with his father all alone, daily waiting at home for his father to return and play with him while his whole friends, family all enjoy the vacations staying at one place.

Still the boy doesn’t regret because all that mattered to him was he was with his father and was very happy.

The boy grew up and was ready to join college. He was very poor in his studies but very sharp and intelligent. Well mannered but carefree. His mother always tried to put some sense into his brain saying don’t be like your father it is because of him we are here. But the boy never believed his mother.

One fine day mother of the boy has made a decision. She asked him to go to his father and stay with him because she no longer cannot support his education as she has two daughters elder to him to support. The boy conveys the same to his father to which the father doesn’t react. Son is dumbstruck, he didn’t know what to do, he requested his father but the father was not ready to take up the responsibility. But yet the boy’s father agreed to take up his responsibility of the son and joins him in a boarding college when the son threatened to commit suicide.

The son was pursuing his secondary education and during his vacation he used to visit his father. All this years the routine that keeps on going in the life of the boy was his father used to scold his mother and vice versa. The son devoted  his father and wanted to walk in the footsteps of his father. Many months later he finds that his father was being secretive of something. He was not allowing the son to see his room and cupboards etc. Later he found out that his father was committing adultery. He was shocked to see that his GOD was wrong all the time and his mother who always kept on telling the truth was actually right.

All his life at once was smashed, he started hating his father. Regretting all he had done. He started to share everything with his mother and started to study well and take up the responsibilities of the house very well. His life goes on pretty well then one fine day when his sisters come to the age of marriage, all the marriage proposals get cancelled because of the character of the father. Society sees this family with low eyes even though they have done no wrong and live a respectful and dignified life. People be with them, praise them but no one is ready to accept them when it comes to marriage even though the family has not done anything wrong. Suddenly this nice and decent family becomes indecent for others.  The life of these children is ruined the boy is always seen in the society as a the son of so and so person and his mother is a divorcee. The family can never live in peace because of this one decision they have made to live a rightful and moral life

“This is society. People always judge a person by his family not individually.”

Moral: One does a wrong in the family. The whole family pays off for the wrong.