An Orphaned Tale:

Once upon a time there lived a pesky little fellow named Rohan. He was always a mess and created trouble to his family, being the only child to his parents his father loved him a lot and gave him the maximum freedom to enjoy, which was the only sorrow to his mother because he was being spoilt brat day by day.

Rohan loved to play and enjoy the life to the fullest extent because he thought it is only one life and life doesn’t always gives you the opportunity to live it. He loved his family a lot and they do love him but they always ended up in quarreling because of Rohan’s acts. He felt his family never loved him. It would have been better if he was an orphan or it’s a waste to live and there is no use of him to live any longer because the people whom he loved the most don’t care at all. He always had people around him but he felt lonely and alone. To hurt him more when his relatives loved his sisters more and taunted him saying “see your sisters how well disciplined and educated they are why can’t you be like them”. This was when he felt that he has had enough of it and one fine day when he can he will leave this family forever because he is unwanted and not loved her. But he didn’t know that he will be proved wrong one day and that one day come soon enough.  Read the Story to know what changed Rohan’s Life.

“Rohan are you done with your homework or still playing around with your friends?!!!!!!” shouted Rohan’s mother. “Mom I am going out to play and yes I have completed my homework. I will come back in the evening. Byeeee!!!!”

In the evening,

“Rohan enough of playing now come back upstairs immediately and complete your homework” shouted his mother in a stern voice.

“I already told you mom that I have completed the homework”, protested Rohan.

“Then who will do the math & science homework and English assignment?” replied his mother.

Rohan hated math to the core because he never was able to understand the formulas nor was he able to understand the addition and substractions, he also hated his math teacher because they* used to hate him and was always the most punished student in that period. And coming to science and English Rohan was afraid of his science teacher because she was a terror tsunami herself and punished brutally whoever doesn’t listen to her. He also hated the subject because it was boring and not practical at all but that is not the case with English, Rohan was the teacher’s pet. He loves to read stories and novels and because of this habit his English was good compared to his classmates which made him proud to show off his superiority.

“Oh mom, please I just came home after playing for so many hours, I am very tired please will do the homework tomorrow in the morning, pleaassssseeeeeeeeeeeeee…………….”

“Ok then come and have dinner then go to bed immediately, there is no point in making you study when you don’t want to, but mind you I will wake you up at 6 in the morning.”

That night after all of them slept Rohan sneaked into the kitchen took an onion and cut it into small slices. He took the slices with him to bed and shoved them under his sleeve. The night went on. It was time to wake up in the morning, Rohan’s mother came to wake him up and was surprised to find Rohan with high fever, she shook him up calling “Rohan, Rohan wake up don’t you want to do your homework?”

“Mom please am not feeling well am having a headache and feeling feverish please let me sleep for sometime”

“Ok sleep for some time you really seem to have a high fever I will give you a tablet have it and sleep. Your temperature must get down in a few hours then you can go to school.”

Rohan was shocked. His plan was foiled now he has to do something so that he can skip school today because he had not done his homework at all!

He thought of a plan.

It was 8:30 in the morning; mom came to wake him up. Rohan slowly got up and went to the bathroom to fresh up. He was very careful that there were no traces of onions in his bed or else his mom might get suspicious.

After he entered the bathroom he immediately got rid of the onions. He started brushing his teeth, and then suddenly an idea struck his brain!!!! He took the tongue cleaner and began cleaning his tongue rapidly until”quaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk uhhuhhh awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkk”

“Rohan what happened are you okay son?”

“No mom, aaaaaackkkkkk, am feeling dizzy and drowsy. I vomited the whole food I had last night. And am feeling very weak”

“Ok then fine. Now as it is done take bath quick and come out eat something and go to sleep, you need rest”

This was what Rohan was waiting for the whole time from the morning a legal permission to bunk the school!

The day passed Rohan enjoyed the whole day as he missed the school and no need to think about his homework’s.

Next day when he went to school he had a shock of his life all his efforts were in vain! He got to know that the whole school went to a picnic yesterday and his teachers have told them that they will check the homework’s today!!!!!!

He had to act fast!

Math’s period: Rohan show me your homework.

“Madam I am sorry to say but I did do the homework but forgot the book in my home. Please give me the time today will show you the homework tomorrow please.”

Teacher: get out of the class and kneel down and bring the book tomorrow.

“Phew! Done with one period 2 more to go think fast Rohan……..” thought Rohan to himself.

English period

Teacher: Rohan where is your notes have you done the assignment?

“Ma’am am sorry ma’am I did the homework the day before yesterday only but Kalyan* has took my book and he forgot to bring it today, if you don’t believe me ask him “replied Rohan

Teacher: “why do you always lie Rohan? I know that you have not done your homework and kalyan is just bluffing. I don’t believe you. Now show me the book or I will have to punish you”

“Ma’am if you don’t believe me I will tell you all the answers for your questions” and true to his word he did tell all correct answers to the questions.

“Sit down but I want the answers in your book tomorrow and don’t forget to bring it tomorrow and don’t be absent as usual understood?”

“Ok ma’am”

It was lunch time after English period and his opportunity to escape school so that he can miss the science class! Rohan rushed to the gate and within no time he was out of school and on roads exploring mother India, at least that is what Rohan tells when his friends ask what you do after you bunk the school.

After that slowly he went home and when he was about to enter the house he found his mom in front of the door  holding the same shirt which he was wearing yesterday morning before bath. He started feeling the heat in the air just then his mom asked “what’s this in your shirt Rohan?” pointing out to pieces of onions left out in his shirt under his sleeve.

Rohan was now in a fix his mischief has been caught red handed. He had no other option now but to tell the truth. He narrated the whole story to his mom and was given a sound thrashing. Rohan left home in tears and stormed off in anger. He felt his family hated him.

He cried for a long time.

He thought “why don’t my mom and dad don’t understand that I hate studies and studying why don’t they let me do things which I like and love to do? Why do they always have a problem with whatever I do? I guess because they don’t love me. They always want me to study and study like any other kid.  They are fond of neighbor kids than me. Why?”

All his doubts and agonies came to an end. That was when……………

Rohan was now in the end of his 10th class his parents were worried about his results and performance they kept telling him that if he is going to fail this time they will stop allowing him to play outside and throw him in a hostel.

Results were out and he passed with 60% for which his parents were satisfied but not happy. He was expecting them to be happy and that he won’t be taken to hostel but his fears turned out to come true.

There was a serious family discussion going on and it was concluded clearly and strictly that Rohan has to study in hostel the rest of his higher education and no matter what and whatever the reasons he gave they didn’t concede to his pleas and requests.

This made Rohan mad and his doubts clear that his family hates him. He started avoiding talking to his sisters and parents. He stopped eating food properly, stopped staying at home and started being outside playing with friends more. When asked why he was doing like this he just says that as he no longer is needed at home, he no longer has the obligation to answer their questions.

Finally after 2 months the day has come when he was to be dropped off at hostel. Then something happened which changed Rohan’s perception about his family. This made him change a lot and his life.

The night before he was to go to the hostel Rohan was not able to sleep. He woke up to drink some water. He felt that someone was calling him. He slowly went in the direction of the sound and was moved by what he saw. He saw his mother and sisters sitting on the floor crying and praying god to forgive them and Rohan for all the sins they have done and to show him a path to life. He was moved by these words the most:

“Oh GOD please I love my son and cannot bear to be parted from him, but I am not left with an option because I want him to be happy not just now but in future. I cannot bear to see him in pain please lighten his sorrow and protect him. I cannot live without him and cannot live without seeing the smile on his face.”

“Please GODS do take care of our dear brother, he is small and innocent he doesn’t know anything nor does he have anyone other than us. Please protect our dear brother and bring him back home soon as a strong loving person.”

This scene in front of his eyes left him astounded. He never realized that he meant so much for his family. He cried and cried till he had no idea when he stopped crying and slept.

The next day when he was about to go, he promised his parents that he will try to become at least the least of what they expect him to become and try to make them proud. And that is what he did he lived up to his word studied hard and became a responsible person. He understood that life can be much happier doing things which the people whom you love ask you to do. His perception changed and he lived happily doing the same mischief but the only difference is his family no longer hates him or his mischief.

Rohan realized that people don’t hate you because you are doing something wrong but you are doing things which they don’t like, they scold you not because they hate you but because they care for you. And if you do things according to them then you can have your way with them.

* Rohan changed a lot of schools just because he hated mathematics and bunked their classes.

* Kalyan was Rohan’s best friend in school and a partner in crime o his!


Sorry You are not my Type- By Sudeep Nagarkar

The author has made a fair effort to bring home the concept of Friendship,memories, love and life of students in delhi. It also brings home the concept of abuse of women in certain instances The book is about the story of 3 friends One girl and 2 boys. The story starts like this: Two friends meet in a hotel for dinner. A song is played by the guitarist in the hotel. His music fascinates one of the friend and he becomes interested in the singer and wants to know his story and about him. The guitarist was Vikranth. He narrates his story how he joined Rajhans College in delhi and how he met Anamika and Yuvi. He explains to them how popular and famous these 3 have become because of their band VAYU. He tells them how life has changed tides and turned their lives. Their band breaks down because of personal differences. Vikranth tries to reconcile his teammates who are also his best buddies, plans a tour so that he can propose to his girl friend also reconcile relation between his two best friends. But as you know we plan something but life has something else in store for us, the same happens with these friends in their lives. Vikranth plans to reunite his friends and restart VAYU but that doesn’t happen because something terrible happens which all these three never expect. Vikranth’s friend Yuvi rapes anamika in a drugged state and leaves her to die. This act shatters their dreams and friendship. Apart from this the story also indulges in love, romance and also tries to explain what love actually is and what it does mean. A nice book which can make you think twice before you do something bad.