Sorry You are not my Type- By Sudeep Nagarkar

The author has made a fair effort to bring home the concept of Friendship,memories, love and life of students in delhi. It also brings home the concept of abuse of women in certain instances The book is about the story of 3 friends One girl and 2 boys. The story starts like this: Two friends meet in a hotel for dinner. A song is played by the guitarist in the hotel. His music fascinates one of the friend and he becomes interested in the singer and wants to know his story and about him. The guitarist was Vikranth. He narrates his story how he joined Rajhans College in delhi and how he met Anamika and Yuvi. He explains to them how popular and famous these 3 have become because of their band VAYU. He tells them how life has changed tides and turned their lives. Their band breaks down because of personal differences. Vikranth tries to reconcile his teammates who are also his best buddies, plans a tour so that he can propose to his girl friend also reconcile relation between his two best friends. But as you know we plan something but life has something else in store for us, the same happens with these friends in their lives. Vikranth plans to reunite his friends and restart VAYU but that doesn’t happen because something terrible happens which all these three never expect. Vikranth’s friend Yuvi rapes anamika in a drugged state and leaves her to die. This act shatters their dreams and friendship. Apart from this the story also indulges in love, romance and also tries to explain what love actually is and what it does mean. A nice book which can make you think twice before you do something bad.


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