It Happened to me

It Happened to me.

When I was studying degree I used to stay in a hostel. It has been 4 years since I have stayed here. Made many friends, had bitter experiences, hated some people. I even felt wrong trusting few friends hated the place for backstabbing natured people. But I had to change my perception one day. In the month of December 2014, when the virus called swine-flu was rampantly spreading in India, I was in my native place; my cousin who lived in the same hostel with me was suffering from cold and severe throat pain. He was very weak and needed someone to take him to hospital. He knows nobody there except for me. He rang me up and asked me to help him out. I made a few calls and 2 of my friends agreed to take him to the hospital. It was late in the night that day and my friend sharath took him to a hospital where the doctors after seeing the condition of my cousin said, “I think it is a case of swine-flu it is better you take him to government hospital”. It was a time where many people died of swine-flu. It was mid-night and my cousin was at his wits end, me and my family were very tensed and afraid of the news. We didn’t know what to do. This is the point where my perception about this city changed and made me relish the memories and good days I had in this city with my friends. My friend then took my cousin to the government hospital that night not caring about what will happen to him if he accompanies my cousin. He just told me “as long as I am there I won’t leave him. Whatever it is I will take him, get him treated and look after his well being until you return” these words gave me that joy, happiness, courage and hope that there is still good and people are good, it is just that they didn’t get the opportunity to choose their side. At that moment I realized the true essence of the quote “a friend in need is a friend indeed”. And if “you do good, say good, you will listen good”


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