“You are not so Great”

“You are not so great”

I want to dedicate this small piece of writing to my friend who asked me to write about it in the first instance. Hope you like it because though it is her story it is in my version.

We often come across the situations where most of the time parents, friends, relatives or some or the other person says, “Why can’t you be like rahul, why can’t you learn from him?” or from friends “I got more marks than you; your marks are not so great.” Or from parents, “see our neighbor’s kid how nice he is, much disciplined, good at studies, why don’t you learn from him and be like him?”

Most of the time you find people asking you or telling you to be like someone but nobody tells you to be yourself. We are always in a race to compete not with “the you” yesterday and “the you” tomorrow but with the “people” like who “you” want to be. Progress here is always compared with someone else’s performance but not with your previous performance. This is a vicious circle of game where there is no end. You end up dejected no matter how much you progress because people always think that the other is greater than you. Most of the time people always tend to show their superiority over the other or others because nobody wants to be back or down, everybody wants to be superior. In this course of action most of the persons who try to compete get hurt and I want to send a message to all those who got hurt despite their efforts to win. Don’t worry if people don’t admire your greatness because it is not theirs. It is yours.

Seeing this great race of progress reminds me of a story I heard in my childhood. It is about what will happen if body parts have brains and mouths?

The brain brags and boasts that it is the greatest and superior of them all because the every other organ works at its command.

The hands say “no you are not so great I am, because without me how can the command be executed?” Eyes say that “I am superior because without me the brain cannot see”.

Legs say “I am superior because I carry you all and your weight without me you people are nothing.” Stomach says “without me you don’t get energy to work so I am superior.”

Mouth says “if I don’t chew and it the food you won’t get the food.”

Hands reply “if I don’t carry it to the mouth mouth cannot eat it so I am superior of all.”

There then comes a fight between all of them. Nobody listens to anyone and disobey the other to prove their point. Legs refuse to carry the weight of the body as a result the body is on bed. Hands refuse to do anything as a result mouth and stomach stop working. Stomach to prove it superiority stops digesting the food. Eyes stop opening so that brain will accept that it is superior. Finally the body of the boy falls sick and all the parts suffer from their abstinence.

I feel this story was written by the author to prove the point that every limb of the body is important to function properly and everyone is superior in their own respect. The point is stop trying to be superior and being someone whom you are not. Just be the one you are then automatically you will be the superior in a unique way because you are an individual, a unique one and nobody can replace you.

We often listen to people saying be optimistic, think positive but generally most people fail. They fail because they don’t realize how important they are. They feel bad that they are criticized and despite their good efforts they have not got the appreciation. They don’t get it because people are so self obsessed with themselves that they forget to appreciate others. One such situation occurred even with the now US president Barack Obama, where his wife proved him how important she can be to him.

One night, Obama and his wife Michelle went to a restaurant to have dinner. There the owner of the restaurant came to them and asked permission to talk for 5 minutes. Obama looked at his wife and replied, “Ok!” but was shocked when the owner replied “sorry sir but I want to talk to your wife.” Michelle after taking some time accepted to talk. She came back after 5 minutes and told Obama that he was her school friend and told her that he loved her but was not able to express his feelings then and he is very glad to see her here today.

To that Obama replied, “Wow! I am glad that he didn’t propose to you then because if he did you would’ve been the wife of the owner of this restaurant.”

Guess what reply Michelle might have given to her husband when he said that?

She told “No. I would be the wife of president of America”

Obama chocked on his food for a minute when he heard this but then had a hearty laugh at his wife’s humor and apologized to her.

Don’t feel bad if people don’t regard you with respect or tell you that you and your achievements are not great and noteworthy. Because every person views the same thing differently. What a person thinks it is important may not be the same with the other person.


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