MODI is not a name or a person we regard him as “Mode Of Development in India”, but that was before election and before he became the 15th Prime Minister of India. He assumed office in the year 2014. He at the age of 8 joined the RSS-Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, at a very young age he played a vital role in the RSS organizing many events for BJP supporting L.K Advani and many eminent leaders of BJP, from a volunteer of RSS he rose up to the position of Secretary of BJP in national level by 2001. In the year 2001 he became a substitute Chief Minister of Gujarat, won elections in 2002 and since then till 2014 he was the chief minister of Gujarat. During his term he has changed the shape and vision of Gujarat. It is because of his dedication and development in Gujarat we the people of India have elected him to be the 15th Prime Minister of India so that he will lead us to development and show us a vision which we have seen just in our dreams about India. It has been 1year since he took up the office and we today all I hear about Modi is “we are dejected, what has he done so far? It has been a year he assumed the office and he has done nothing, he just is roaming the outside world meeting delegates of different countries, he has not done anything in the past one year.” Even heard this “it is very tough for Modi to win the elections next year because he failed the hearts of India.”
Let me tell you to all those people who are showing Thumbs down and Booing Him Today that you guys are all pessimists and are blinded by your own selfishness. It is not an easy task to run a country because it is not like you driving your car on a road, the post of a Prime Minister is of the duty like a post man if he doesn’t deliver his letters properly to the correct address or doesn’t do his duty properly the whole country will have to face the wrath. It is not his hands alone which he needs to run a country because it is not a monarchy, it is a democracy and India is a democratic country. If you want to see India developed it is not just Modi who has the duty to do it is each and every individuals duty to assist him, he alone cannot run such a big country to success unless we the people of India cooperate with him. It is said that Rome was not built in A DAY and you expect him to build India in a year which was looted and pulled down to scrap. India has been looted for centuries and was looted in the recent years too. So I request all the LOGICAL and REASONABLE INDIANS to give him more time to settle scores with the past and rebuild India the way we want to see it and assist him and all those who want our India to be a better place.

“No matter how much ever hard you try you cannot give birth to a child in one month by making nine women pregnant. – Warren Buffet”


Never Judge a book by its cover…. Because appearances may deceive.

-A true story.

We often hear this quote in our school days. Our teachers make us bi-heart these proverbs and quotations, I never knew what they meant. Seriously speaking, I never understood what sense they make for example: searching for a needle in a hay stack, a stitch in time saves nine, never judge a book by its cover, make hay while the sun shines. I still don’t understand the meaning of certain quotes and idioms I learnt in my childhood, but eventually during the journey of my life in search of my quest I have been finding the real meaning of the quotes and what they meant and why they were taught to us in our childhood by our teachers because whatever you learn though at present it makes no sense and meaningless but you will in some point of your life realize that “that” which you learned then has become useful today.

Today I want to share a small experience which gave me the meaning of the above titled quotation. During my initial years in Hyderabad I had to change a lot of accommodations because I never got the proper one which would fit my lifestyle. Finally I went to a trust hostel set up for the welfare of our community students to support such students during their schooling in Hyderabad. I shifted to my room and was just settling, as I was the “New Guy” the old students started introducing themselves to me and I in turn introduced myself, my first day with the new hostel went peaceful, only one more student shares my room, he pursues his Chartered accountancy and hardly stays in the room so it is a perfect sync for me in my style because I have the whole room for myself the whole day long! Days went by and I started making new friends hanging around with them more and enjoying their company though none of them were not from my stream or from the place I came from. T all felt as f they were a part of my small world. Out of my group there was a person who was not that conversant, he was mostly silent r grumpy (or at least I thought so) so I thought maybe he has some ego issues or he feels that he s something great. Later on when I kept interacting with a few of the ld students I got to know from them that his name was Mani Shankar, he was our batch and a nut crack person it s better if you stay a bit away from him. Time passed by all of them started getting busy in their own lives and I was busy in mine, I often pass a friendly smile when I come across him but never attempted to make a conversation. Slowly we started crossing our paths more frequently in hostel and making more attempts just than simply smiling. It has been a year now or more I don’t know but I will tell you what all I heard about him or felt about him turned out to be wrong because he was such a friendly and nice person. It was only that he doesn’t like anyone to enter in his personal space that quickly but once he lets someone, he becomes so close that you cannot imagine how you will be without him. Though we don’t talk regularly or hang out together much yet we share that bond which is in fact a very tender bond it cannot be said as friendship, it is more than that we have shared something very deep dark secrets and behaved like bff’s though we hardly know each other and have been together only for an year. This is when I realized that we should

“Never Judge a Book by its cover because appearances may deceive you”.

He now has completed his studies and most probably will be heading for higher studies in foreign. Today is a very special day for him. It’s his birthday. I wish he gets success at all his endeavors. Happy Birthday Mani. Wish you Luck!


                                    SILENCE is a very powerful weapon. It has the power to bring out anything hidden deep inside of anything or anyone with practice. To grow and to learn SILENCE is very important. It plays a very important and dominant role in our life which we don’t realize that it actually does. SILENCE is so powerful that it can make opposite person think twice before he speaks because when 2 people are having a chat and suddenly one person becomes silent the change of environment becomes clearly evident to the opposite person. He stops and tries to know if something is wrong. It reminds of my mom when I was a small child she used to tell me “don’t let people get away with you by teasing you and getting the best of you. Just be calm and composed it is they who are making fools of themselves not you”

For example you came home from outside and your house is unusually silent you are suddenly worried that something serious has happened or that there is no one at your home. It is just that since from many a times we humans are quizzed and dazzled by the concept called “SILENCE”. We never really have been able to harness this powerful weapon.  SILENCE doesn’t mean to keep quiet or to be still and not talking anything, it means to be quiet from deep within in the mind and the heart and think coolly. We very often listen to people asking us to calm down and think. This mysterious weapon is always referred by many counselors and career guidance teachers. Most of the philosophers and spiritual guru’s when asked to give any remedy to help them get peace they tell us to spend some of our daily time in SILENCE or meditating so that we can get peace if we make it our regularity.

Now then why do all these people tell the same thing? Is SILENCE capable of such tremendous powers so that it can change our lives and lifestyles? Is it capable of personality development? These are the questions we tend to ask ourselves or to the people who tell us about this art.

The truth is the biological constitution of a human being is so designed or at least it is so accustomed to keep itself busy that a normal human being cannot bear to be in a silent and secluded area for long not because he is afraid of the area but the silence surrounding makes him alert which tenses the brain and activates all your brain cells to concentrate on a singular aspect which our brain is not used to and we are afraid to accept it because we are not habituated to it. Scientifically it is proved that if a person keeping calm and silent and meditating for a few minutes daily will reduce the risk of heart problems because it reduces the pumping speed of the heart and also relaxes all the nerves in the body which in return clears our mind. That is why we are always asked to remain calm when in despair because it clouds our rationale thinking. It also helps in keeping problems at bay. There is a famous Telugu saying “Tana kopame tanaku shatruvu tana shantame tanaku raksha” it means a person’s enemy is his own anger and his shield is his calmness. This is supported by the scientific finding that when we get angry the adrenalin rush increases to our brain and such rush damages few tissues in our brain which may cause us to arguments etc.

So in order to achieve something in life or to know about yourself or to grow in your prospects I suggest you and many personality development masters suggest you to spend time with yourself every day in silence so that you can know what you are capable of and the decisions which you take when you are in peace are the most rationale decisions and such decisions will lead you because such is the power of SILENCE you get all your answers for all the troubles in this powerful weapon called SILENCE.

“Speech is SILVER whereas Silence is GOLD”

Random Thoughts!

What is SUCCESS?

This is a question which I asked myself for many times and asked many people of what is success because many a times people who are very close to me asked me, requested me, ordered me to succeed. I never really understood what they actually meant and what success really is.

Is success an achievement or a milestone in your life which you have conquered? Is achieving your dream and getting what you wanted called success? Conquering the world earning money and becoming the richest person is called success? Is studying in reputed schools, colleges and institutions and topping them called success? Holding many degrees is called Success?

I realized that all these don’t matter in the end because nobody bothers how much you earned, how many degrees you have and how many records you broke all these things are temporary and which will be forgotten by people by passage of time and until some other person takes your place.

I realized that success is the ability to make the people you care for smile and happy. Success is not material achievement what is the use of success if you cannot share it with the people you love? What is the use of all those achievements when you don’t have anyone back there at home waiting your arrival to share your success and failures? What is the use of your big achievements and dreams if you don’t have anyone to share a meal with you?

In the end all that matters is when you are on the death bed you don’t remember all these achievements you only regret that hope you spent more time with the people whom you love a lot.

The real success in any person’s life is “when you die, you are still alive in the people’s heart because of all the good things you have done to them and having the person at your side when you need them the most and being at their side when they need you the most”

If you have not made someone’s day special by making them smile then I guess you have wasted one wonderful day by failing.

“If you have not made someone smile today then you failed today”  


I just realized that life is all about irony! What we want we don’t get and what we don’t want we get even though we resist and try to escape! Surprisingly not only this you can see irony in every aspect of your life!

Let’s suppose for example you are on your way to your work place or college. You started late and hope you won’t meet traffic because you want to reach early or on time but you get stuck in an unusual heavy traffic.

You are waiting for your bus to come and it is getting very late. You see one bus approaching and you hope it is yours but alas! It is a bus which you always wait and never comes but today though you are not boarding that one it comes on time.

You want some work to be done very quickly but apparently it is the work which will get delayed than the usual because you want it to be done fast!

You are in a hurry and think to have a quick bite. You go to a less crowded hotel hoping he would serve you fast but the reverse happens!

The real thing why it all happens is the god out there is wicked. He is bored of creating things and making order in the life so he thought while making human being “Let’s have some fun!!!!”

The irony is not only just made by him but also by most of our fellow humans too. Your friend comes to you and tells “Buddy you are my brother! Anytime you need just call me and I will be there!” But incidentally when you call him for help he will be busy!

Same is the case with our government offices in India! They say please approach us whenever you have a problem, we are here to serve and help you. But when you go to a government office you become the server and they become the Master and you won’t get what you want until you make a good errand over the whole office searching for what you want and whom to meet before you actually get your work to start.

They say the laws are there to protect you but when you are harmed and go for help the same laws appear to be of no use and instead your remedy is in fact delayed a bit longer just because of those laws which are meant to protect you.

I tried to test the test of Irony today and I was amazed that though this word and situation was coined long ago in history it is still the bare truth of the present world.

I still remember a person saying “What about the Human Rights Violations happening in Human Rights Commission?!” “We don’t have proper clean environment and air in the office of Human Rights Commission then how can you expect it somewhere else?”

This is what I felt when I was hit in the face that how many good laws you make it is still the same people who are going to use it so there is change but not much the only brighter side you can see is things are much better than what they used to be.