May 10th 2015


Today is my sister’s birthday. Usually it is just like any normal day for me and I casually wish my sister a happy birthday on this day every year because though she is my own sister I was never really on good terms with her and she is not very close to me. She came into this world 5 years before me and has seen more world than I have ever in my life. Today she has become someone in my life without whom I cannot imagine my life being such remarkable and memorable. She is an introvert. She lays down an area around her or I would rather say a border and doesn’t let anyone cross it. She never expresses her feelings and how she feels about something and the most important thing she never let me come close to her. I always had quarrels with her, she is the person with whom I fought the most in fact she is also the same person because of whom now my family members regard me as “changed” and now have become “responsible, sensible” person from “good for nothing” “lazy fellow”. She is my best critic. She never really appreciated me for anything; she always found faults in me and in my works. So I always hated her but I never realized that she cares for me a lot deep within her heart that is the reason why she never appreciates me, it is her way of showing affection towards me. She knows that challenging me or criticizing me triggers my anger and boosts my morale. She always gets the better of me and criticizes me just to see what I can and that is what she did, always so that I do things which she ridiculed and to show that she is wrong and I am right I always fight my way. Today I stand a changed man all because of her. I am happy that god has given me such a wonderful opportunity in my life to be her brother. She arranged me many surprises on my birthday, she made me feel special even though I was not worthy to feel special. She struggled hard to make me be happy, she took the burden of me so that I can roam carefree, and she is now more than a mother to me, more than a sister to me, more than anyone in my life. She now became my main inspiration to go on in my life and to achieve something. I just hope I be the brother she has imagined of. I justify the sacrifices she has made for me to ensure my happiness.

“I cannot give you any gift today because I am still young and yet to grow. All I can give you is my words to you and to this world showing how much I love you. Happy Birthday my dear sister. Hope you have the best in your life and hope you have lots of happiness and surprises ahead. And the first thing is hope you fall sick less frequently this year…….”


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