May 10th, 2015, 12:30 AM

It happened to me when I was returning from celebrating my sister’s birthday in her hostel at madhapur, Hyderabad.

I wanted to make my sister’s birthday special this year because she always made me feel I was something special, so I planned to make a surprise birthday celebrations in her hostel. But that surprise gave me an experience of life time. I met a REAL MAN whom I never imagined can exist in the real world.

I was heading back from my sister’s hostel on my bike at mid night after the birthday celebrations. We were four in number, my elder sister and my brother-in-law on one bike, I and my uncle’s son on one bike. I was talking to my sister and was making fun of her. Suddenly I felt I was being followed. I slowed down to check if I really was being followed then suddenly a person came from behind on a bike and slowed down just to go along with my pace beside me. I was feeling awkward and intimidated. The guy started to stare me in the eye. I felt it was creepy and asked him “what’s the matter?” He just gave me a serious look and said, “wo ladki ko kaiku chedra hein?”, “why are you pestering that girl?” I was taken aback and shocked. I had no words to speak. I never imagined that someone would ask me such a thing. I was overcome with rage and controlling my anger I told the guy that “the girl” he was referring to was my sister and I was not pestering her was just talking to her and asked him how he can even think of such a thing. I was confused and angry at first then as soon as the person apologized and said that he felt that something was wrong and “we tend to see many cases these days so I thought something was wrong so please don’t mind”.

After he left I felt good that at least there are few people out there who really care and do what they can in their capacity to protect the needy. Hats off to the person who stood up that day in the middle of the night if not for me it might really happen somewhere by some other person. Hope wherever that person is he always is happy.


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