I just realized that life is all about irony! What we want we don’t get and what we don’t want we get even though we resist and try to escape! Surprisingly not only this you can see irony in every aspect of your life!

Let’s suppose for example you are on your way to your work place or college. You started late and hope you won’t meet traffic because you want to reach early or on time but you get stuck in an unusual heavy traffic.

You are waiting for your bus to come and it is getting very late. You see one bus approaching and you hope it is yours but alas! It is a bus which you always wait and never comes but today though you are not boarding that one it comes on time.

You want some work to be done very quickly but apparently it is the work which will get delayed than the usual because you want it to be done fast!

You are in a hurry and think to have a quick bite. You go to a less crowded hotel hoping he would serve you fast but the reverse happens!

The real thing why it all happens is the god out there is wicked. He is bored of creating things and making order in the life so he thought while making human being “Let’s have some fun!!!!”

The irony is not only just made by him but also by most of our fellow humans too. Your friend comes to you and tells “Buddy you are my brother! Anytime you need just call me and I will be there!” But incidentally when you call him for help he will be busy!

Same is the case with our government offices in India! They say please approach us whenever you have a problem, we are here to serve and help you. But when you go to a government office you become the server and they become the Master and you won’t get what you want until you make a good errand over the whole office searching for what you want and whom to meet before you actually get your work to start.

They say the laws are there to protect you but when you are harmed and go for help the same laws appear to be of no use and instead your remedy is in fact delayed a bit longer just because of those laws which are meant to protect you.

I tried to test the test of Irony today and I was amazed that though this word and situation was coined long ago in history it is still the bare truth of the present world.

I still remember a person saying “What about the Human Rights Violations happening in Human Rights Commission?!” “We don’t have proper clean environment and air in the office of Human Rights Commission then how can you expect it somewhere else?”

This is what I felt when I was hit in the face that how many good laws you make it is still the same people who are going to use it so there is change but not much the only brighter side you can see is things are much better than what they used to be.


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