Random Thoughts!

What is SUCCESS?

This is a question which I asked myself for many times and asked many people of what is success because many a times people who are very close to me asked me, requested me, ordered me to succeed. I never really understood what they actually meant and what success really is.

Is success an achievement or a milestone in your life which you have conquered? Is achieving your dream and getting what you wanted called success? Conquering the world earning money and becoming the richest person is called success? Is studying in reputed schools, colleges and institutions and topping them called success? Holding many degrees is called Success?

I realized that all these don’t matter in the end because nobody bothers how much you earned, how many degrees you have and how many records you broke all these things are temporary and which will be forgotten by people by passage of time and until some other person takes your place.

I realized that success is the ability to make the people you care for smile and happy. Success is not material achievement what is the use of success if you cannot share it with the people you love? What is the use of all those achievements when you don’t have anyone back there at home waiting your arrival to share your success and failures? What is the use of your big achievements and dreams if you don’t have anyone to share a meal with you?

In the end all that matters is when you are on the death bed you don’t remember all these achievements you only regret that hope you spent more time with the people whom you love a lot.

The real success in any person’s life is “when you die, you are still alive in the people’s heart because of all the good things you have done to them and having the person at your side when you need them the most and being at their side when they need you the most”

If you have not made someone’s day special by making them smile then I guess you have wasted one wonderful day by failing.

“If you have not made someone smile today then you failed today”  


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