SILENCE is a very powerful weapon. It has the power to bring out anything hidden deep inside of anything or anyone with practice. To grow and to learn SILENCE is very important. It plays a very important and dominant role in our life which we don’t realize that it actually does. SILENCE is so powerful that it can make opposite person think twice before he speaks because when 2 people are having a chat and suddenly one person becomes silent the change of environment becomes clearly evident to the opposite person. He stops and tries to know if something is wrong. It reminds of my mom when I was a small child she used to tell me “don’t let people get away with you by teasing you and getting the best of you. Just be calm and composed it is they who are making fools of themselves not you”

For example you came home from outside and your house is unusually silent you are suddenly worried that something serious has happened or that there is no one at your home. It is just that since from many a times we humans are quizzed and dazzled by the concept called “SILENCE”. We never really have been able to harness this powerful weapon.  SILENCE doesn’t mean to keep quiet or to be still and not talking anything, it means to be quiet from deep within in the mind and the heart and think coolly. We very often listen to people asking us to calm down and think. This mysterious weapon is always referred by many counselors and career guidance teachers. Most of the philosophers and spiritual guru’s when asked to give any remedy to help them get peace they tell us to spend some of our daily time in SILENCE or meditating so that we can get peace if we make it our regularity.

Now then why do all these people tell the same thing? Is SILENCE capable of such tremendous powers so that it can change our lives and lifestyles? Is it capable of personality development? These are the questions we tend to ask ourselves or to the people who tell us about this art.

The truth is the biological constitution of a human being is so designed or at least it is so accustomed to keep itself busy that a normal human being cannot bear to be in a silent and secluded area for long not because he is afraid of the area but the silence surrounding makes him alert which tenses the brain and activates all your brain cells to concentrate on a singular aspect which our brain is not used to and we are afraid to accept it because we are not habituated to it. Scientifically it is proved that if a person keeping calm and silent and meditating for a few minutes daily will reduce the risk of heart problems because it reduces the pumping speed of the heart and also relaxes all the nerves in the body which in return clears our mind. That is why we are always asked to remain calm when in despair because it clouds our rationale thinking. It also helps in keeping problems at bay. There is a famous Telugu saying “Tana kopame tanaku shatruvu tana shantame tanaku raksha” it means a person’s enemy is his own anger and his shield is his calmness. This is supported by the scientific finding that when we get angry the adrenalin rush increases to our brain and such rush damages few tissues in our brain which may cause us to arguments etc.

So in order to achieve something in life or to know about yourself or to grow in your prospects I suggest you and many personality development masters suggest you to spend time with yourself every day in silence so that you can know what you are capable of and the decisions which you take when you are in peace are the most rationale decisions and such decisions will lead you because such is the power of SILENCE you get all your answers for all the troubles in this powerful weapon called SILENCE.

“Speech is SILVER whereas Silence is GOLD”


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