Never Judge a book by its cover…. Because appearances may deceive.

-A true story.

We often hear this quote in our school days. Our teachers make us bi-heart these proverbs and quotations, I never knew what they meant. Seriously speaking, I never understood what sense they make for example: searching for a needle in a hay stack, a stitch in time saves nine, never judge a book by its cover, make hay while the sun shines. I still don’t understand the meaning of certain quotes and idioms I learnt in my childhood, but eventually during the journey of my life in search of my quest I have been finding the real meaning of the quotes and what they meant and why they were taught to us in our childhood by our teachers because whatever you learn though at present it makes no sense and meaningless but you will in some point of your life realize that “that” which you learned then has become useful today.

Today I want to share a small experience which gave me the meaning of the above titled quotation. During my initial years in Hyderabad I had to change a lot of accommodations because I never got the proper one which would fit my lifestyle. Finally I went to a trust hostel set up for the welfare of our community students to support such students during their schooling in Hyderabad. I shifted to my room and was just settling, as I was the “New Guy” the old students started introducing themselves to me and I in turn introduced myself, my first day with the new hostel went peaceful, only one more student shares my room, he pursues his Chartered accountancy and hardly stays in the room so it is a perfect sync for me in my style because I have the whole room for myself the whole day long! Days went by and I started making new friends hanging around with them more and enjoying their company though none of them were not from my stream or from the place I came from. T all felt as f they were a part of my small world. Out of my group there was a person who was not that conversant, he was mostly silent r grumpy (or at least I thought so) so I thought maybe he has some ego issues or he feels that he s something great. Later on when I kept interacting with a few of the ld students I got to know from them that his name was Mani Shankar, he was our batch and a nut crack person it s better if you stay a bit away from him. Time passed by all of them started getting busy in their own lives and I was busy in mine, I often pass a friendly smile when I come across him but never attempted to make a conversation. Slowly we started crossing our paths more frequently in hostel and making more attempts just than simply smiling. It has been a year now or more I don’t know but I will tell you what all I heard about him or felt about him turned out to be wrong because he was such a friendly and nice person. It was only that he doesn’t like anyone to enter in his personal space that quickly but once he lets someone, he becomes so close that you cannot imagine how you will be without him. Though we don’t talk regularly or hang out together much yet we share that bond which is in fact a very tender bond it cannot be said as friendship, it is more than that we have shared something very deep dark secrets and behaved like bff’s though we hardly know each other and have been together only for an year. This is when I realized that we should

“Never Judge a Book by its cover because appearances may deceive you”.

He now has completed his studies and most probably will be heading for higher studies in foreign. Today is a very special day for him. It’s his birthday. I wish he gets success at all his endeavors. Happy Birthday Mani. Wish you Luck!


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