MODI is not a name or a person we regard him as “Mode Of Development in India”, but that was before election and before he became the 15th Prime Minister of India. He assumed office in the year 2014. He at the age of 8 joined the RSS-Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, at a very young age he played a vital role in the RSS organizing many events for BJP supporting L.K Advani and many eminent leaders of BJP, from a volunteer of RSS he rose up to the position of Secretary of BJP in national level by 2001. In the year 2001 he became a substitute Chief Minister of Gujarat, won elections in 2002 and since then till 2014 he was the chief minister of Gujarat. During his term he has changed the shape and vision of Gujarat. It is because of his dedication and development in Gujarat we the people of India have elected him to be the 15th Prime Minister of India so that he will lead us to development and show us a vision which we have seen just in our dreams about India. It has been 1year since he took up the office and we today all I hear about Modi is “we are dejected, what has he done so far? It has been a year he assumed the office and he has done nothing, he just is roaming the outside world meeting delegates of different countries, he has not done anything in the past one year.” Even heard this “it is very tough for Modi to win the elections next year because he failed the hearts of India.”
Let me tell you to all those people who are showing Thumbs down and Booing Him Today that you guys are all pessimists and are blinded by your own selfishness. It is not an easy task to run a country because it is not like you driving your car on a road, the post of a Prime Minister is of the duty like a post man if he doesn’t deliver his letters properly to the correct address or doesn’t do his duty properly the whole country will have to face the wrath. It is not his hands alone which he needs to run a country because it is not a monarchy, it is a democracy and India is a democratic country. If you want to see India developed it is not just Modi who has the duty to do it is each and every individuals duty to assist him, he alone cannot run such a big country to success unless we the people of India cooperate with him. It is said that Rome was not built in A DAY and you expect him to build India in a year which was looted and pulled down to scrap. India has been looted for centuries and was looted in the recent years too. So I request all the LOGICAL and REASONABLE INDIANS to give him more time to settle scores with the past and rebuild India the way we want to see it and assist him and all those who want our India to be a better place.

“No matter how much ever hard you try you cannot give birth to a child in one month by making nine women pregnant. – Warren Buffet”


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