Good Impression and Reputation

Good Impression and Reputation

There was a very naughty boy named Himamsh, who lived in Manush village. If anywhere any mischief happens the only name which was to be blamed was Himamsh. He was such a mess that one day when his teacher asked him to do some assignment, he didn’t do it. The next day when the teacher entered the class he asked her permission to go to toilet and didn’t turn up for 10 minutes. Teacher feeling that something is wrong went inside the bathroom to look for him. This was the moment Himamsh was waiting for all the way long, he immediately ran into the classroom locking the teacher inside the toilet. He announced the whole class that today there are no classes as teacher is not coming!!!

He was the youngest in his family and his father pampered him a lot. His father always supported him no matter what, when the school principal complained about the prank he played on the teacher, his father coolly replied that kids if not now when will they play pranks??? With such a support from his father he slowly became a spoilt kid. He always used to do all the mischief wherever he goes. One night he had a quarrel with his sister. Because of which he got a sound thrashing from his mother.

He wanted to take revenge on his sister, so he devised a plan to take his revenge. His sister was preparing for a dance competition the next day. Himamsh thought that this is his chance and when everyone was asleep he slowly crept to his sister’s bed and applied glue to her hair! The next day when his sister woke up she was in complete horror!! Her hair was stuck to the bed and she could not get up at all! She cried when doctor said that to get her out, cutting her hair is the only way. He had his revenge and her sister a lesson, not to meddle with her brother!!!

His mother was fed up with his tantrums and his father’s support. His pranks increased day by day and it troubled his mother a lot. She was worried and afraid, how she will cope with him. She didn’t know how to put an end to his endless pranks.

Himamsh slowly began to grow into a fine young man. But his pranks have not stopped yet. Days passed and years too but nothing changed him. His mother prayed to God to put an end to his pranks and her prayers were soon answered by Him but not in a way she expected to.

After a few years, Himamsh’s father passed away unexpectedly. His father’s death took a toll on Himamsh the most because he lost the most precious gift of his life and his biggest support. He withdrew from all his mischievous activities as soon as his father died, because he was the world for him and he always had the last laugh with his father sharing his pranks for the day and now the same world is nothing but just an urn of ashes. He couldn’t digest the fact that his father was no more.

His mother was having a tough time to make both ends meet and he realized how hard his parents worked and especially his mother worked to bring him up to support his studies.  He stopped being naughty and started being a good boy. He tried his best not to trouble his mother. He did his best to keep her happy but how much ever he tried, his mother never believed him. It took him years to gain her love and affection. She slowly started believing that he has changed. But the real test was yet to come.

One fine morning Himamsh left home to write his exam. He was on his way to the centre. He suddenly found a person lying on the road.  He was bleeding and nobody was around to help him. Himamsh thought that he could not leave him. He took him to a hospital. He was there with the man till he regained consciousness.

It was late in the night by the time he reached home. His mother was waiting outside for him angrily. As soon as she saw him she came rushing to him asking him where he had been all day and why he didn’t write today’s exam. When he narrated the whole story she didn’t believe a word of his. She scolded and said that she made a mistake believing him and letting him have his way. She didn’t talk to him for many days. Himamsh thought that there is no use of him now to live anymore. His mother will never believe him.

So one morning, before she woke up he left home in search of a lonely place either to end his life or to start a new life alone. He was on his way to the hilly area at the end of his village. While he was going, he met a sage who asked him where he was going in such a hurry that too early in the morning. When he didn’t respond the sage asked what was troubling him. Himamsh then narrated the whole story to the sage who listened to him with great interest. He also told the sage that no matter how hard and nice he try, just with one deed his mother has now stopped believing him and he asked the sage as to why can’t she see all the good deeds he had done? Are they nothing? Or meaningless? Don’t they have any value?

After Himamsh narrated his tale the sage asked him to accompany him to his ashram. Himamsh accompanied him. As soon as they entered the ashram he took Himamsh to the backyard and asked him to do two things.

  1. To plant a seed of his choice.
  2. To make a small tank sort of thing near a tap where the water was leaking drop by drop, with mud which can store the water leaking from the tap in it.

He then asked him to come every day to the ashram for 2 weeks and pour water to the sapling he has just planted. At the end of two weeks he will tell him what to do next.

So Himamsh for the next 2 weeks went to the ashram every day, poured water to the seed.

At the end of 2 weeks he went to the sage. The sage on seeing him said that he was expecting him and asked him to come over to the backyard.

The sage asked Himamsh to observe the seed he planted and also the tank which he made 2 weeks ago and asked him to come back with his observations. When he came back the sage asked what he had observed.

Himamsh was annoyed by the sage because for the past 2 weeks this sage was making him do all his work and at the end, he asks him what he observed instead of giving a solution to his problem.

He, afraid of the sage, controlling his anger said that the seed grew into a fine sapling now and the container which he made was empty then, is almost full!

The sage asked him did he understand anything from this.

Himamsh replied, “What is there to understand from this? And what relation does it have with my problem?

The sage asked him to come over with him and said showing the sapling, “This sapling represents the efforts you have made to gain the love and affection from your mother. It has taken time to grow into such a fine sapling with your daily care and nurturing.

The leakage from the tap, drop by drop which got accumulated in the tank you made. It represents your small deeds you have done and the water stored in the tank represents the accumulation of all the good deeds you have done.

Now can you please make a small hole at the bottom of the tank?

Himamsh was puzzled. He thought that the sage was mad, because he has made huge efforts to build it and if he didn’t want to save the water from going waste then why did he ask him to build it in the first place.

When he was about to ask, the sage told him that he would get his answers but first he has to do what he was told.

When he made the hole, slowly the water started to leak and soon there was no water in the tank at all.

The sage said that,

“Each drop which was collected in the tank was your small good deed you have done. You have seen how each drop slowly became into a small pond in the storage. The small hole you created is the misdeed or mistake which people think that you have done and as a result all the good that you have done washes away. So just as you don’t see water anymore in the tank, people though know that you have done good deeds won’t be able to see them because of the hole which came into your life”

So see it takes a life time to get good impression and reputation but a second to lose it.”

Reputation and good impression are just like that plant and water. They take time to grow but won’t take time to wither away and dry away.

Your name is your good asset so guard it properly.

So my son, don’t worry that all is lost. All is not lost yet. You can still make efforts again but as this seed took some time to grow into a plant it will take time for you to gain back your mother’s love again. Try once more, no harm in it.


The Most Memorable Birthday ever!!!

The best birthday ever in my life!!!!!

I never thought there can be any better birthday of mine which I usually celebrate with my family and friends at home. But one day, one incident changed my whole perception. Today I want to share that experience with you because it is a special day for the person who made the most memorable birthday of my life and made me feel special even though I am not such a blessed one. Before I tell you this story I want to give you a briefing about a few things.

14th November, 2011. This was the first day of my college in Pendekanti Law College. It was a new day, new life, and new aspirations to me. I entered the college with many aims, aspirations, and dreams in my hand. I didn’t know what lay behind the gate of this college. As soon as I entered I met 2 persons. They are Anshul Agarwal and Pramod Maligi. They too are just like me, the first year students joining that day in my class. I made introductions with them. And I never knew that these 2 guys will play an important role during my days in Pendekanti. You see people say, you never know what happens until it happens. The same thing happened to me too. As soon as we were through with our first year we 3 were started being called as “The 3 Musketeers” and true to the tag we are the undisputed trio. The first day when I met both of them, the way Anshul was behaving I thought “Whoa! Such an outright and outgoing guy he is! He is not my cadre, I don’t think we can gel well together, because I am not an extrovert like him” then after seeing Pramod I thought “Hmm….. This guy seems silent, and my type, I guess I should make good friends with him and who knows we may also become best buddies too…”

But as someone rightly said “Never judge by appearances, because appearances deceive” my assessment about Anshul was partly right but the part of not becoming best of friends has been proved wrong. I still remember the quarrel I had with Pramod in my first year. It is like a scar in my life which denies wiping itself off of me, I was completely broken because I feel that friends are rare and delicate gifts, you hardly find friends whom you can be yourself so HANDLE THEM WITH CARE! I was trying hard to find ways to reconcile with Pramod. That was when Anshul held me together. He was by my side supporting me, guiding me saying “chal yaar, jaane de, tu tera galti maan liya abh it is upto him to forgive you. Agar wo tereko dost mantha hein na to jaroor maaf karega. You don’t feel bad, you did what you can.” This was the first time I felt that

“people whom we think that these people don’t know and understand emotions or relations then that is where you go wrong, because these are the people of all who really do care, but the thing is they hardly show.”

Now as I have given you a brief description of the 2 characters that forcefully entered my life and yes made a hell lot adventure of my life in college. I can say this that when I look back, I may not remember anything which I did in college but I will never forget these 2 guys and Ashish without whom my life supposedly would have been far much better than today. No doubt it would also have been boring and uneventful. Out of all I will for sure remember Anshul and his miscreants and also his support. I will never forgive him for all the drama he pulls on me and makes me the laughing stock in front of everyone but I will also never forget the hungama we did together. All those crazy night outs, one night batting for exams, late night dinners and all. These all are the sweet memories of mine with him but the deepest one which I can never forget and repay him was one singular act which I never expected from a person like him. So I begin with the most memorable day of my life with him.

I don’t know why I feel so attached about my birthday. But was very fussy and protective about it and you know was very particular about it when people don’t wish me on my birthday. As said in 2013 we were having our semester examinations and to screw my happiness to the core the Osmania University decided to put an exam the very next day of my birthday so that I keep studying and not enjoy my birthday. And to add to my woes this day even my mom forgot my birthday. She called me up in the afternoon and wished me. And as these guys(Anshul, Ashish & Pramod) always put in “kaiku rotha re rondhu” I was shoving all my woes and frustration all onto Anshul because I was doing combined studies with him. I guess I ruined his day too that day; I didn’t let him study too. Then something happened which I never expected. I was feeling upset and was like fuck the exam I don’t want to study this subject because it has already screwed up my day and my mood. It was 11:30 in the night on my birthday when he along with two of his friends brought a cake to the room saying happy birthday. The day is not over yet and the party too!! So stop worrying and start blowing the candle! I was awestruck. I was not expecting this unprecedented event to happen at all and to tell you that, yes it happened. It really did and it made my day. I know that it is not so great or something, but imagine how you feel when you expect something to happen but it doesn’t and when you lost all hopes somebody comes up making your expectation a reality, that guy at that point of time will look like an angel to you and that would have been the best day of your life. That is what happened to me. I never had such a great birthday bash in my life. It was simple but one which I always will cherish deep in my heart. Today when I am recalling all of it, my whole life in the 4 years with this guy, his tantrums, his pranks, everything is in front of my eyes as I say it. I never made him special though because he is already special and gifted too. It is said that

when you are happy you search for people whom you love, but when you are sad you will search for people who love you.

And it is great to have people who love you than people you love and am indeed grateful to god to have him as my friend who always (not always actually, he can be you know unmanageable at times) was with me in my thick and thin in these 4 years and no doubt without him it would not have been any better.Anshul Agarwal

Happy Birthday Yaar! My brother! Hope you Have a Blast!!!!!!

What is your WORTH?

What is your WORTH?

We always keep wondering to search our worth in this materialistic world. We always try to think about the true purpose of our life. Life is a crazy maze where we are perplexed at every turn of it. We don’t know whether we are going in the right direction or not. Sometimes the direction which we go may lead us to a wrong path or a dead end. We curse ourselves. But what we do next is the true worth of our presence. Suppose it is not life but a maze for real, what will you do? You come back or turn into another direction and take all pains to come out to your destiny or you sit there repent yourself for what all has happened. Where will it lead us? It leads us to the grave. Life is a plain canvas having DOTS on it you don’t know what lies in that dot until you join them. There lies a magnificent picture behind those dots. You just have to join them without questioning.

Life is a journey from cradle to grave. Both these places are fixed and there is no change. You might reach your destiny earlier than usual or late but the destination won’t change. Then when we know what our end route is why not make it a joy ride in your own way. This is your life your journey. You are like a passenger in a bus travelling, people board, come play their part and exit when their stop has come it is only you who is going to get down at your stop. Stop bothering whether you are worthy of something or not just make sure you are worthy in your own terms. And when it comes to the question despite all this, you want to still know what your worth is then I will tell you that your worth cannot be calculated in terms of money or according to your understanding but sure you are a worthy person because if you are born then you have some worth.

From the very beginning of your journey you are put up with challenges of life to prove your worth. When you enter a womb still not having any shape you fight your way to become a fetus. There you struggle to stay because some are wanted and some unwanted. You slowly grow in the womb of the woman who is going to give you birth and still during this duration of 9 months nobody, the child in the womb, the woman, or anybody knows where your journey leads to you fight your way to birth.

Even after your birth, some children end up dead, homeless, or killed. You are lucky enough that you have come so far from the struggling journey which has many hazardous situations, when you didn’t even have the power to stop them. Then why now you have stopped your fight despite having everything in you. Now today you have strength, intellect, everything you can imagine of then WHY NOW? Are you trying to find out your worth or why have you stopped your fight?

Your true worth is determined for WHAT YOU FIGHT FOR. So stop blaming or searching for answers, life is a journey of wars where at every step you have o constantly prepare yourself and overcome your enemies who stop you from being what you are.

Maybe this is the reason why Swami Vivekananda rightly said “ARISE AWAKE AND STOP NOT TILL YOUR GOAL IS REACHED” Man is a person who has the habit of sleeping (ignorance) so come out from your shell of ignorance and prove your presence felt and make your time worthy on this land till you have time because there always might not be a second chance.

Don’t fall in love with me, I don’t want to fall for you

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You have that smile that anyone could fall for. You’ve got those almond-shaped eyes I have adored since the very first time I saw you. It is beautiful how they taper and it’s not every day that I see a person who is supposed to have big blue eyes genetically but has the same eye shape as I do. I like the way your eyes seem nonexistent when you try to smile; and the way your lips curve upwards. You have no idea how they could make anyone’s life one hundred times better. Your well sculpted body is like a clone of a higher being, and you have almost all of the incredible talents that makes me want to wish I were you. You are amazing. You are achingly…beyond beautiful.

I like how even the simplest things you do could make me smile. You…

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