What is your WORTH?

What is your WORTH?

We always keep wondering to search our worth in this materialistic world. We always try to think about the true purpose of our life. Life is a crazy maze where we are perplexed at every turn of it. We don’t know whether we are going in the right direction or not. Sometimes the direction which we go may lead us to a wrong path or a dead end. We curse ourselves. But what we do next is the true worth of our presence. Suppose it is not life but a maze for real, what will you do? You come back or turn into another direction and take all pains to come out to your destiny or you sit there repent yourself for what all has happened. Where will it lead us? It leads us to the grave. Life is a plain canvas having DOTS on it you don’t know what lies in that dot until you join them. There lies a magnificent picture behind those dots. You just have to join them without questioning.

Life is a journey from cradle to grave. Both these places are fixed and there is no change. You might reach your destiny earlier than usual or late but the destination won’t change. Then when we know what our end route is why not make it a joy ride in your own way. This is your life your journey. You are like a passenger in a bus travelling, people board, come play their part and exit when their stop has come it is only you who is going to get down at your stop. Stop bothering whether you are worthy of something or not just make sure you are worthy in your own terms. And when it comes to the question despite all this, you want to still know what your worth is then I will tell you that your worth cannot be calculated in terms of money or according to your understanding but sure you are a worthy person because if you are born then you have some worth.

From the very beginning of your journey you are put up with challenges of life to prove your worth. When you enter a womb still not having any shape you fight your way to become a fetus. There you struggle to stay because some are wanted and some unwanted. You slowly grow in the womb of the woman who is going to give you birth and still during this duration of 9 months nobody, the child in the womb, the woman, or anybody knows where your journey leads to you fight your way to birth.

Even after your birth, some children end up dead, homeless, or killed. You are lucky enough that you have come so far from the struggling journey which has many hazardous situations, when you didn’t even have the power to stop them. Then why now you have stopped your fight despite having everything in you. Now today you have strength, intellect, everything you can imagine of then WHY NOW? Are you trying to find out your worth or why have you stopped your fight?

Your true worth is determined for WHAT YOU FIGHT FOR. So stop blaming or searching for answers, life is a journey of wars where at every step you have o constantly prepare yourself and overcome your enemies who stop you from being what you are.

Maybe this is the reason why Swami Vivekananda rightly said “ARISE AWAKE AND STOP NOT TILL YOUR GOAL IS REACHED” Man is a person who has the habit of sleeping (ignorance) so come out from your shell of ignorance and prove your presence felt and make your time worthy on this land till you have time because there always might not be a second chance.


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