The Most Memorable Birthday ever!!!

The best birthday ever in my life!!!!!

I never thought there can be any better birthday of mine which I usually celebrate with my family and friends at home. But one day, one incident changed my whole perception. Today I want to share that experience with you because it is a special day for the person who made the most memorable birthday of my life and made me feel special even though I am not such a blessed one. Before I tell you this story I want to give you a briefing about a few things.

14th November, 2011. This was the first day of my college in Pendekanti Law College. It was a new day, new life, and new aspirations to me. I entered the college with many aims, aspirations, and dreams in my hand. I didn’t know what lay behind the gate of this college. As soon as I entered I met 2 persons. They are Anshul Agarwal and Pramod Maligi. They too are just like me, the first year students joining that day in my class. I made introductions with them. And I never knew that these 2 guys will play an important role during my days in Pendekanti. You see people say, you never know what happens until it happens. The same thing happened to me too. As soon as we were through with our first year we 3 were started being called as “The 3 Musketeers” and true to the tag we are the undisputed trio. The first day when I met both of them, the way Anshul was behaving I thought “Whoa! Such an outright and outgoing guy he is! He is not my cadre, I don’t think we can gel well together, because I am not an extrovert like him” then after seeing Pramod I thought “Hmm….. This guy seems silent, and my type, I guess I should make good friends with him and who knows we may also become best buddies too…”

But as someone rightly said “Never judge by appearances, because appearances deceive” my assessment about Anshul was partly right but the part of not becoming best of friends has been proved wrong. I still remember the quarrel I had with Pramod in my first year. It is like a scar in my life which denies wiping itself off of me, I was completely broken because I feel that friends are rare and delicate gifts, you hardly find friends whom you can be yourself so HANDLE THEM WITH CARE! I was trying hard to find ways to reconcile with Pramod. That was when Anshul held me together. He was by my side supporting me, guiding me saying “chal yaar, jaane de, tu tera galti maan liya abh it is upto him to forgive you. Agar wo tereko dost mantha hein na to jaroor maaf karega. You don’t feel bad, you did what you can.” This was the first time I felt that

“people whom we think that these people don’t know and understand emotions or relations then that is where you go wrong, because these are the people of all who really do care, but the thing is they hardly show.”

Now as I have given you a brief description of the 2 characters that forcefully entered my life and yes made a hell lot adventure of my life in college. I can say this that when I look back, I may not remember anything which I did in college but I will never forget these 2 guys and Ashish without whom my life supposedly would have been far much better than today. No doubt it would also have been boring and uneventful. Out of all I will for sure remember Anshul and his miscreants and also his support. I will never forgive him for all the drama he pulls on me and makes me the laughing stock in front of everyone but I will also never forget the hungama we did together. All those crazy night outs, one night batting for exams, late night dinners and all. These all are the sweet memories of mine with him but the deepest one which I can never forget and repay him was one singular act which I never expected from a person like him. So I begin with the most memorable day of my life with him.

I don’t know why I feel so attached about my birthday. But was very fussy and protective about it and you know was very particular about it when people don’t wish me on my birthday. As said in 2013 we were having our semester examinations and to screw my happiness to the core the Osmania University decided to put an exam the very next day of my birthday so that I keep studying and not enjoy my birthday. And to add to my woes this day even my mom forgot my birthday. She called me up in the afternoon and wished me. And as these guys(Anshul, Ashish & Pramod) always put in “kaiku rotha re rondhu” I was shoving all my woes and frustration all onto Anshul because I was doing combined studies with him. I guess I ruined his day too that day; I didn’t let him study too. Then something happened which I never expected. I was feeling upset and was like fuck the exam I don’t want to study this subject because it has already screwed up my day and my mood. It was 11:30 in the night on my birthday when he along with two of his friends brought a cake to the room saying happy birthday. The day is not over yet and the party too!! So stop worrying and start blowing the candle! I was awestruck. I was not expecting this unprecedented event to happen at all and to tell you that, yes it happened. It really did and it made my day. I know that it is not so great or something, but imagine how you feel when you expect something to happen but it doesn’t and when you lost all hopes somebody comes up making your expectation a reality, that guy at that point of time will look like an angel to you and that would have been the best day of your life. That is what happened to me. I never had such a great birthday bash in my life. It was simple but one which I always will cherish deep in my heart. Today when I am recalling all of it, my whole life in the 4 years with this guy, his tantrums, his pranks, everything is in front of my eyes as I say it. I never made him special though because he is already special and gifted too. It is said that

when you are happy you search for people whom you love, but when you are sad you will search for people who love you.

And it is great to have people who love you than people you love and am indeed grateful to god to have him as my friend who always (not always actually, he can be you know unmanageable at times) was with me in my thick and thin in these 4 years and no doubt without him it would not have been any better.Anshul Agarwal

Happy Birthday Yaar! My brother! Hope you Have a Blast!!!!!!


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