Necklace Road-The Boulevard, which is a Pride of Hyderabad.

Hyderabad is famous for many things, but out of all those it is mostly known and renowned for its renowned Charminar and Necklace road. Named after the famous Necklace Road in Bombay, this road lies near the Hussain Sagar Lake, around Buddha statue. During all these years many changes were made to this beautiful landscape of nature which was carefully sculpted into a man-made beauty; many food stalls, entertainment and amusement parks have been developed so that it would attract more public.

There are amusement parks like NTR Gardens, Lumbini Park, Jala Vihar etc. surrounding the lake along the Necklace road. Many trees and plants have been planted on either side of the roads to make it look like a paradise built on earth. It truly is something Hyderabad should be proud of. This place has always stood as an example of the pride of Hyderabad and even today it sure does stand by its name.

The Buddha in the middle of the lake stands for the serenity of the city and the patience it has towards anything. The city stands as an example in its culture and diversity too.

The people here adapt very quickly to the new trends and cultures that they meet. Sadly it fails to recognize which ones to adapt and which one to let go.

I have the greatest respect towards this city and all its culture but sometimes it does remind me of restrictions and the lack of which there might be a downscale of balance in the society. Whenever I am out of ideas and moody I feel like visiting this place i.e. a park beside the Ohri’s, near Jala Vihar, in necklace road because it gives me solace and brings a state of peace and stillness in my mind. Whenever I go there I usually sit there for half an hour or so, savoring the nature’s beauty and the beauty of the lake so that I can think straight over few matters to which I am not able to decide properly. Today too I thought of paying it a visit.

And as I have decided to go I made my way to my regular spot and then something unusual caught my eye. I was entering the park and at the entrance of the park I found a couple entwined in their ecstatic embrace, in their world of dreams. At first I thought that they just are here like any other couple enjoying the scenery and having some privacy but the closer I got the more things seemed clear. I was shocked by what I saw. They were not simply embracing themselves as I thought they were but showing public display of affection by kissing each other without being bothered of the public moving there! For a moment I was confused. I didn’t know where I was. I was wondering if I was in America. But then I realized that I didn’t have a passport, so this must be India.

I couldn’t help but watch them to see to what extent they will go. I didn’t have the courage to shoo them away from the place, so I did what I can, I started bothering them with my presence and thought that if I made them feel a bit uncomfortable they might leave but to my surprise when I was talking to my friend about my plan, a worker there who was mowing the grass told me “nothing is going to happen with your plan, we have been working here for over an hour now and from then on we are watching them but they are not bothered at all by our presence. All that matters to them is to do what they have come for. And by the looks of it, you look like a visitor who has come here for the first time. It is a routine over here.” I was shocked when he made such a striking comment straight in my face.

I then realized he really meant it, because when a group of girls passing that way, were trying to cover their faces and their friend’s faces to avoid watching this public display of affection while they were passing that way. And this seemed to have no effect on the couple or any couple sitting their minding their “BUSINESS”.

I am just shocked with their indifferent attitude. I didn’t realize that Hyderabad has become this advanced in such aspects than expected.

It’s funny that you are not allowed to watch a movie which is certified as “A” in theatre if you are not above 18years and here a kid of 10 years keeps running around the park, holding rose flowers in his hand trying to sell them to the lovers who showed up there and gets his sneak peek of whatever they get engaged in while he is doing his business. When I asked him how much does he earn and why does he do so, he replied, “Dekho bhaiyya mein na ye roses 10rs ko khareed tha hun aur yahan aake bhej tha hun. Kabhi kabhi koi nahi khareed tha par jab ladki ke saath aaya aur mein jaake puch tha hun to koi mana nahi karta kyun ki ladki ke saamne bezthi hogi aur jab tak vo khareed the hein mein waha se nahi jaata aur unko apna jis kaam ke liye aaye hein wo nahi karne deta hun” his reply put me into deep thinking. We don’t allow children to do anything wrong but this poor kid because of his poverty he has learned a technique to earn money but in a wrong way. It is said that “Today’s youth are tomorrow’s citizens” and if today’s youth is such indifferent in such a diverse country like India then I am afraid what would be the fate of this great historical and cultural country. We celebrate Yoga Day. We celebrate Valentine day but which one do we actually follow? Which one is correct? On one hand we see the campaign Selfie With Daughter by honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi which tries to encourage sex ratio and girl child in India and a woman who after trying to voice her opinion that such schemes don’t promote girl child and trying to use her freedom of speech has landed her in trouble and the great citizens have forgot that she too is someones daughter and she too is a woman and she too has the equal rights in this country just like any other person to voice her opinion about development in India and the other hand we see one man who even after having 14 daughters harasses his wife to give birth to a male child and he goes to the extent of saying that he will make her pregnant till she gives birth to a male child. Why does that guy want a male child? What does he want to prove?  Where are we going?

Now coming back to the topic I previously started the event in necklace road since all this discussion came out because of that one incident I only thought Necklace Road was a pride to Hyderabad because it made it look like a bride’s necklace at night time but now realized it also stands as a lovers spot in the day time! And I have to admit that I have in my life for the first time seen a guy kiss a girl for real in front of my eyes and the girl didn’t bother about who were looking at them, she was busy fondling her lover. And this is not the only place that happens like this now a days you find umpteen couples in parks like this all over India.

Now please tell me what should we be proud of? What should we do? We say that we have freedom to do anything India is a democratic and republic country.

Then what happened to the woman’s freedom who dared to voice her opinion for development. The man who said that he is free to do whatever he wants to do with his wife, what shall we do about him?

If son is that important to him because the legacy stands and extends because of him then what kind of legacy this guy at the park would he create for his family? I am not saying that you should not love but I am just saying that what might be right for you might not be right for others. If you are in love enjoy yourself in the privacy of your rooms but not in public because


I just want to put in that lets not aim for technological advancement but for cultural and moralistic advancement. Let us strive to create a society where nobody is put to discomfort because of the deeds of others. Let us strive for a better India.


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