“And at the center of it all is your heart beating inside these walls, this room-“

you don't know me.


“I mean it’s all a little strange.
You sit in the same room 
you’ve been sitting in for 15 years, 
the same room you’ve cried in 
over stupid boys and stupid girls,
the same room you laughed in, 
screamed in, sang in, danced in,
vomited in, raged in, cried in,
loved in, loved in.

The room you locked yourself inside,
the door and window you slammed
over and over, hoping to bruise walls
or break bones of glass. 
The room that’s held you like a loose embrace
on all the nights you shook yourself to sleep.

This room saw you writhe and sputter
your way through your teenage years
saw your chest bloom
and saw blood stain your sheets
saw tears lick themselves 
in salty trails down your cheeks,
saw you naked in disgust,
saw you in the moments 
you didn’t want to see yourself.

And it’s weird, 
because you…

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