The Most Beautiful Person in the world

You are the most beautiful person I have ever seen in my life. I have never seen such a great person than you and neither can there be a great person other than you for me in this life.

You brought me into this world and stood by me, introduced me, gave me a life, gave me a name, a recognition and you lead me through the way in life by holding my hand until I could walk all by myself in the path  of my destiny. I failed, gave up on many things, but you have never given up on me. Even today, when I have nothing, you still believe in me, you say that there’s more to see and more to conquer in life. I may have given up on myself, lost hopes, stopped believing in me but you haven’t done anything like that, you are still there, holding your hand at the back for me to walk with me.

You are the person who started loving me long before you saw my face. You took care of me with all your life when I was the most vulnerable, I didn’t even know what I was and who I am, but you still didn’t question God. You just loved me unconditionally even when I let you down many times. You gave me the life that I have today, you have guarded me with your life from the day you knew I was going to come to this world and from that day forth you took great pain to lay down a perfect path for me from the day I was born to this day. You are the most beautiful person in the world indeed mother and whether I say it or not, god knows what the truth is and I am glad he has given me the greatest boon of my life i.e. a mother like you, in my life.


I don’t know what I am for you, maybe just a child or a whole new world, but what you are for me, cannot be put in those two small terms. So I guessed I want to put it in a series to see what you are to me and to many of those whose mother really is for them in their life.

  • You were the person, who protected me with your life and the cost you paid for me, is your life. It is said that “when a woman gives birth to a child she receives that much pain which is enough to kill a normal human being.”
  • You became my guardian.
  • When I was born, I was a hollow person knowing nothing, not even the reason why I cried for hours together in the night, but you just held me up close to you, being awake to put me back to sleep.
  • You became my night owl to watch over me.
  • When I couldn’t sleep you sang songs, lullabies, you rocked me to sleep.
  • You became my singing cradle.
  • You burnt your hands to check if the milk was too hot for me to drink.
  • You became my “Food Tester”.
  • When I was injured, you became my medicine.
  • When I failed, you became my encouragement.
  • When I lost hope, you became my believer.
  • When I made a mistake, you became my guide.
  • When I was lost you, became my lighthouse.
  • When I was angry, sorrow or happy you became my bank where I deposited all my emotions.
  • When I fell sick you were the patient.
  • You cry if I am sad.
  • You do the work which I am meant to do even though you are tired.
  • You feel contented when I eat food
  • When I win, you feel as if you have won it and you are on top of this world
  • And the most important of all, when I needed you the most you were always there for me, no matter what or when, but you always were there for me. Here you became my 24X7 emergency services.

But what did you get in return for all of this?

Because I am not and cannot even be half of the things which I wrote you became for me. “Why do you do it?”

You don’t even get paid for it or get benefitted from it. Then why do you do it? Why do you believe in me when the whole world doesn’t? to that, you simply say, “ I haven’t raised you for nothing, you weren’t born for anything. You have your own purpose to fulfill and mine is to make you pursue your purpose” and when I ask you about how much do you get paid? She simply says “nothing” and yet she does her job. That is the beauty of her because being paid nothing yet she gives the most valuable service any person could even despite the best pay in the world.

I don’t know f I can ever beat you at your job mom, but I do know one thing for sure. You have sacrificed many of your dreams, to just see me materialize and realize my dream. You lost and yet you are happy because I am living my dreams. Today is a day where I like to look back a few years, when you stood by me against all odds believing in me that I would make up to this day and just as you said I made it up this day and I promise you that whatever may be the circumstances I will live my dreams and make your dreams come true because you have given me a life which I am not worthy, but you made me believe that I am a lot more than what I think about myself. You showed me the goal of my life and I assure you that I will achieve it not because it’s my dream but because you believed in me and I couldn’t have made it if not for you.

The greatest person is that person who works 24X7 for the welfare of others and is paid nothing in return and that person is MOM” 

I was never around when you wanted me. I was busy prioritizing things, but you were always with me in my thick and thin. You are the only person on this whole planet who know me in and out. And today I promise the most beautiful person on earth that I realized my true purpose of my life and that is to make you feel proud of the cost you have paid to see a dream which I never believed in and also to always be by your side no matter what.

MOM our smile is a priority for you and our happiness. Your smile is definitely the most precious one for me and you are my living inspiration of Persuasion.

I love you, mom. You are my living inspiration. You are my living breath. Your smile matters the most to me in this world. Keep smiling


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