The Woman’s Eye


On December 2012,A 23 year old woman was brutally raped and tortured mercilessly.She remains nameless but did not wish to be faceless.She ignited a spark giving voice to the widespread protest against sexual assault to date in India. She produced a miracle. This moment set off nationwide demonstrations and 10000 people took to the streets to express their outrage.Finally,the 6 suspected rapists were caught and charged with murder.Justice Prevailed. Well,this was just one instance and in a country like India these cases are abundant and they rarely come to light.The following piece of writing is dedicated to all women dealing with a patriarchally inhumane society and presents the nature and behaviour of the discrimination towards a historically deterrent class of this lot.    

Born a disgrace to the one bearing me,A bundle of resentment,Loathed by humanity.All I ever was then,was a really small bump.Somehow I…

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