Defamation- A wildfire

Dedicated to a friend and to all those who are victims of such wildfires.

This post is not just about that happened to my friend but to all those who have been a victim for unwanted paparazzi and criticism.

Usually in our world people are always jealous about some or the other people and it is a general human tendency to criticize the opposite person and they criticize because they either don’t like the way other persons do some things or they are simply jealous of them. Leaving apart from criticism it clearly is evident that it is the normal human nature to be anxious about what’s going on in other person’s life than what is going on in ours. We find it exciting and interesting to listen and know what the other person is doing. That is, in fact, good, but we generally tend to concentrate more on the negative of the person rather than the positive.

We do keep seeing in news every day about some great leader or politician getting caught in some scam or some political issues and as soon as this happens we can see that all the news channels and papers carry news about them extensively and even give nicknames, cartoons memes etc. but have you ever wondered what happens if he is let out that he has not done anything wrong? You won’t even bother even the newspapers may or may not carry the news because they don’t find it that interesting as the previous one because the previous one gave power, fame, satisfaction and sales whereas the 2nd news  won’t give them all those results.

It so really happened in many cases. my friend was one of the victims and am feeling very bad about how people are talking about him today. even those who don’t know him personally and have never seen him talk ill and bad about him and as if this is not enough they also improvise the story because they actually don’t know what really has happened so they make up such stories in order to show off and to prove that the opposite person is truly a bad one

No matter how many good things you do they won’t that popular but you do one bad thing the news is spread like a wildfire burning and eating away all the deeds you have done previously because good deeds and news are like water they don’t spread quickly whereas bad news is like wildfire they burn down faster even than you can imagine. But if you are proved right the world never talks about you, they only talk the wrongs you supposedly did.

Once a person is defamed it is spread like wildfire but if such an accusation is proved wrong, nobody even is bothered about that.

All I want to say that talk something good about a person rather than his bads. Who knows maybe someday you might be the bad one.


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