Who is a “Teacher”?

A Teacher is not a person, job or a qualification. It is a position. The word “Teacher”  means a person who instructs you to do or not to do something, a person who guides you. Who acts a light-house for the ship on a voyage of the sea called life. So a teacher doesn’t exactly mean the one who is doing a teaching job or something else. He may be anyone, a teacher maybe a friend, who was with you in your hard times and guided you, your parents, relatives, siblings, anyone.

Teacher is that person who thinks it is his/her duty to guide people in the right direction and anyone who does this can be regarded as a teacher and such a person can be proud about being regarded as a teacher, because the greatest of the great became what they are, because of the people who “became” their teachers and instructed them to be what they are today. It is a great day and a tribute to all such persons who have laid down their lives for guiding others to great success.

Happy Teacher's Day
Happy Teacher’s Day

Happy Teacher’s Day to all those great teachers who guided the blind from darkness towards light.


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