Li’l Saviour!

I went to visit the Badrakhali temple in Begumpet, Hyderabad and I want to share the experience today.

Since it is a ritual to wash your hands and legs before entering a temple, I was washing my legs. I heard cries of small kittens coming from somewhere. I looked around to see where they were but couldn’t find them.

I ignored the cries and entered the temple and after entering the temple I again heard the cries. When I looked around I found a small girl standing near a pillar trying to jump and reach to the top of the pillar, at first I thought she was just playing around, but I found out that she was trying to help the kittens which were trapped on the top of the pillar and were afraid to come down. Her father called her and said,

“Leave the kittens alone dear, it’s no use, they won’t let us near them. Their mother might be here only somewhere near, it will come and help them out.”

She was adamant to leave and started to cry saying ” I won’t come until you save those kittens.”

By seeing the girl cry, I was very moved. Immediately I asked the watchman there to bring a ladder so that I can climb and get them down. He also said “Sir its no use trying to get them they won’t come”

Yet, when I insisted he bought the ladder and seeing the child’s determination and my reaction even he tried to help us get down the kittens.

After 10 minutes of struggle, we realized that there is no use in trying, the kittens won’t come down, I told the same to the girl but she was not ready to take no as an answer. She started crying again. Seeing her I felt bad and compassionate, I thought why don’t I try once again what’s there in it to loose. I gave another shot and this time I tried frightening them away rather than trying to catch them and my trick worked out.

One fell down because of fear and the other jumped up and ran towards her mother. Feeling happy that I accomplished the task I got down.

As soon as I got down the girl came running to me, kissed my cheek and said, “Thank you very much!”

She was very happy. Her eyes told how much happy she was when the kittens were saved. She then happily hopped around and went along with her father to worship the deity.

All the time she was smiling, happy and contented that the kittens were safe and reached her mother.

I was just amazed by the compassion she had towards those small creatures. I was moved by her. she was small and powerless, but yet she wanted to help those kittens even when we accepted defeat, she was not ready to take “NO” as an answer.

I think we all have to learn from that little girl many things and some of them are:

  1. Not to give up on something which you want to do, no matter what.
  2. Not to accept no as an answer.
  3. When you feel like giving up, that is when you have to push yourself more since you will be near to your goals.
  4. No matter what and no matter how weak you are and in what position you are, if you want to do something and are not willing to accept defeat, life will always give you resources to help you do what you want.
  5. Have compassion towards all living creatures.

Thanks for taking your time and reading it.

Title Credit: Srutha Keerthi. Thank you for giving me such a beautiful title!!

Every day I wake up hoping to see you today.
I come out with the belief that I can see you in the eyes,

Meet you and talk to you.

I muster courage, bring myself together to see and admire the beauty god has created,

But every time I see you my heart races, skips a beat.
My eyes wander away.

I no longer control my body.

I feel weightless.

My legs feel weak, I lose control over my senses.

My life appears to go on in slow motion when you are around.

Finally when you walk away I feel bad that today I have failed to see your beautiful face.

I have failed to talk to you.

I wake up with the belief that I would be able to see you again the next day!

I don’t know whether you will ever be a part of my life or whether I would be courageous enough to talk my mind out to you, but I am happy with what I have for today.

And you surely mean something more in my life.