Weekend Inspiration – You are not Alone


3-Day Quote Challenge

Srishti Walia

Hey people! My exams are approaching and I guess I won’t be able to write (though as if I am already writing :P) or maybe I will write more, since I still haven’t begin studying even when my exams are on the verge of sieging my kingdom. Anyway, not delaying the main purpose of this post, and before I forget to thank my wonderful nominatorSaloni(go ahead and check out her lovely blog), I want to tell you all explicitly I will post 3 quotes each day, the following 3 days, including today, so that actually makes it the following 2 days instead of 3. Okay, the Maths getting little creepy like always, (but I guiltily admit I like this subject).

My phone is full of quotations and also my own pictures :p. So, I have arranged the kind of quotes I am going to post, for today these…

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A random thought


I read somewhere that “what you think you become-Buddha” . I started to think what all do I think. Have my thoughts really made me what I am today or its just the result what is supposed to be.

I realized that my thoughts have become so negative nowadays owing to certain odd circumstances that I have stopped believing in myself. My energy has become so negative. There is a heaviness in mind and body as well.

I looked at the condition of my room it was such a mess. I couldn’t find things in my cupboard which used to be so well maintained( I am a cleanliness freak :P). 

I thought of lighting others lives when the darkest place was within myself. Think good live good.

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My Inner Voice

I wept a lot, I don’t know for how many hours I was crying, my eyes became bloodshot, swollen with all the weeping.

I was tired, lost on the verge of dying and death. Felt defeated.
Didn’t know what to do. Why I have to live,

What is the purpose of my life? Why I was created by god in the first place, when I am not anything and don’t mean anything to anyone.

I no longer wanted to do anything, I felt alone, unwanted, rejected, outcast, with no purpose and meaning for my life.

When I lost all hopes when I thought of running away from the world, I heard a voice. Yes a voice, deep inside me. It told me that my real purpose is not yet over, I have much more to do.

It told me that I had to make a change in people’s life, give them the happiness I never got in life, give them the company and support when they need the most.

It assured me I will get what I want.
It asked me to spread smiles and happiness and take their sorrows.

It asked me to heal these broken hearts and injured souls. And in return it said that my injured soul will slowly heal from the injuries I had gone through. It just asked me to believe in it.

I realized then that the true purpose of my life is to spread happiness.

Because the feeling you get when you make someone happy and see them happy nothing else in this world will give you that much of satisfaction and happiness.

Today I thank my inner voice because I am happy because of it.

Sometimes All I Want Is…


Sometimes all I want is to be isolated, to be on my own,to be silent , to dive within and explore myself.

Sometimes all I want is not to be judged,not to be discriminated, not to be disappointed,not to be discussed, not to cheated , not to be played.

Sometimes all I want is to be understood, to be encouraged,to be supported, to be anchored, to be motivated and seen through my eyes.

Sometimes all I want is to run wild leaving every thing behind careless and free, devoid of responsibilities and favours, zero expectations.

Is it too much I am asking for??

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I Quit


I quit from the words I spoke

You disapproved my presence with the block

Iam going away not because I want go

You have left me with no choice along the flow

My intentions for you were never bad

You still failed to understand that’s the hardest part

I let go all my self respect and ego

You blew me away with just one blow

It’s hard it’s painful its bitter

I am an abandoned rock left to wither

Wind sweeps by the fragments of me

Congrats for your new beginning without me.

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