3-Day Quote Challenge

Srishti Walia

Hey people! My exams are approaching and I guess I won’t be able to write (though as if I am already writing :P) or maybe I will write more, since I still haven’t begin studying even when my exams are on the verge of sieging my kingdom. Anyway, not delaying the main purpose of this post, and before I forget to thank my wonderful nominatorSaloni(go ahead and check out her lovely blog), I want to tell you all explicitly I will post 3 quotes each day, the following 3 days, including today, so that actually makes it the following 2 days instead of 3. Okay, the Maths getting little creepy like always, (but I guiltily admit I like this subject).

My phone is full of quotations and also my own pictures :p. So, I have arranged the kind of quotes I am going to post, for today these…

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