A smile at the end of a tiring day from an unknown person can change your mood……

It was a very tiring day and I was standing at a signal near panjagutta Central to catch the bus back to my room. Usually I don’t find a direct bus but luckily that day I got a direct bus which stopped at the junction because the signal was on red. I thanked God and started rushing towards it to board it before the signal changes to green.Read More »


The Unfinished Love Story


I still remember that day. Every time I rewind and replay it I live that moment again and again.

I got up early in the morning even before my alarm could welcome me with its ringtone. I was surprised to see myself turn off alarm even before it could ring. Today was no different than yesterday but I was not feeling the same. I woke up early after a late and tiring night but yet all the fatigue was gone with just one smile that came across my face because today is going to be a memorable day in my life.Read More »

The day I met you…..

Thousands of thoughts were racing through my mind. I had hundreds of questions to ask and much more to talk about. I played and replayed each and everything I wanted to ask and discuss with you. I wanted to be my best and give the best time and a good company…………
But when I saw you my mind was blank, I was out of words…….
Didn’t know what to talk
And by the time I realized that I had many things planned to ask and talk, the time said

“it is time to go………..”