A smile at the end of a tiring day from an unknown person can change your mood……

It was a very tiring day and I was standing at a signal near panjagutta Central to catch the bus back to my room. Usually I don’t find a direct bus but luckily that day I got a direct bus which stopped at the junction because the signal was on red. I thanked God and started rushing towards it to board it before the signal changes to green.

I was boarding the bus when I was greeted by the conductor with a huge smile and a bright face. He smiled at me genuinely as if he knows me from a long time. He said,

“Hello sir! Where do you want to get down?”

I stood just there staring at him wondering why is he smiling at me? Does he know me?? But without thinking much I said,

“can you please give me a ticket to Koti” while telling my destination I was trying to fish my purse out to pay him. He smiled once again and handing over the ticket he said,

“Don’t worry sir. Give it to me later. First have a seat sir till then I will collect money from the remaining passengers”. 

I was amazed by seeing the way he dealt with me. Because it’s almost 10 in the night and most of the time you can expect grumpy conductors snarling at you for not giving them the proper change for the ticket.

He sat beside me till other passengers boarded. The bus started. I was observing him all the time to see if he greeted everyone like that or just me. And he greeted every passenger who boarded at different stops the same way he greeted me. He was calm, cool, composed, smiling. He had a serene look on his face which made me forget all about  my tiring day and work.

As soon as I saw him my frown was replaced with a smile. I was relieved of all the stress I thought I could only get rid of it by a good sleep. I was wrong. His smile made me relieved. It made me wonder how brave he might’ve been to be so cheerful and full of energy even at the end of the day when you don’t have an ounce of energy in you to do any work. I guess such people are the most beautiful people on earth.

I wanted to thank him for helping me out of my fowl mood. And since I couldn’t tell him this is my way of expressing thanks to him.

He made sure all the passengers had a seat and then issued tickets. And made a point to smile genuinely at everyone who boarded his bus. He made my day perfect. Hope his day goes good too!

See Me I Love Everyone”- SMILE


One thought on “A smile at the end of a tiring day from an unknown person can change your mood……

  1. Really good..definitely there are many means of overcoming our stress, whihc we need to investigate..A smile, a casual greet, a lovely family, a helpful friend, strong bonded relations..and many more..

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