Just be yourself and never accept defeat…

​Few people are just so hungry that they’re never satisfied with what they have and try to snatch even whatever small you have with yourself. That doesn’t mean we are lost. It only means that either they’re afraid of us or want to prove themselves. But don’t worry a diamond never looses its value just because someone tries to belittle it.

A Lion is not worried on the opinion of a sheep.

Not everyone’s journey is the same as you. Learn what people you meet teach you on your Journey and grow from those experiences and embark on your journey of life. 

Everyone have their own dreams and their own destinations.


What difference can you make

A young man was walking in a beach. He saw a kid throwing something into the waters.

After seeing him for sometime the young man understood that the kid was trying to throw all the starfish which washed ashore because of the high tide.

The young man approached him and said, “what difference is it going to make? They’re all washed up and you’re only one?”

The kid bent dow took another starfish and threw it in the sea. He then turned towards the man and said there “I made a difference to that one”

I experienced the same in my life too. I made many friends and each one of them made a difference in my life. 
Every single drop of water is precious because a river starts with a drop and ends up as an ocean.

A small ripple in water caused by a drop of water has the power to create multiple ripples and change the course of water.

Every person no matter how small or big they are. They are unique and they have the power to make a difference.

Just because people don’t recognise you and appreciate your work doesn’t mean you stop doing what you are best at.

Dedicated to my special friend Sai Bhavana, who inspired me to write this.

To all my friends and to all the people. Never stop doing what you are doing. Because you make a difference.