Small acts and gestures are the real big things

It’s been one year since I joined ValueLabs. My journey in ValueLabs started as an intern. And in my journey of one year I have met a lot of people, made friends and interacted with many employees working on the various sectors of the company.

The core values of the company which they stress on to be followed is:

PLUS: Perfection, Love, Unselfishness, Strength.

And I feel that the people working here try their best in their own manner to stay commited to these core values. Out of all my memories and experiences in this company I want to share this incident which happened to me.

I started my journey of 1 km walk towards office as usual like everyday. While I was walking past a car, parked on the side of the road I was stopped by the person sitting in the driver seat. He asked me “ValueLabs?”.

Thinking he was asking for directions to ValueLabs I said “yes” and was about to give him the directions when he said, “please come I will drop you there”.

I was surprised when I heard this, because I have seen people not offering help even after being asked for and here there is a person who’s offering to drop me at my office without even being asked.

He said that he too was working in ValueLabs and had recently joined the company. I thanked him for offering to drop me. He then said, “Not at all a problem, I have seen you walking and recognised you by the ValueLabs bag and since I was also heading the same way I thought I would drop you my way.” 

He then asked me, “do you walk everyday to office?” I said, “Yes I do walk everyday since it is just a short distance and I stay nearby”. He then said, by seeing you it reminded me of those days when I also used to walk to office , before I bought this car .”

We exchanged a few more words about each other and we have reached the place where I had to get down. I got down and thanked him for dropping me.

I was really moved by this gesture of Santosh, though it is just a small act of random kindness it made me realise that it is such kind of small acts and gestures that occupy major portions in our heart. These are the real big things which we make to people and this is what matters at the end of the day.

I think that it is such kind of people who made ValueLabs what it is today because it is people who make the company and the better the people the bigger the company. And I do see that all those working here follow this principle.


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