Daily Dose of Inspiration – Intention is Everything

Be Inspired..!!

In that precise moment in time when you decide to do something, everything suddenly becomes crystal clear. You see your true capabilities, sometimes for the first time, because you allow them to rise to the surface. This is why challenges are so enlightening. They give you a better sense of yourself. They open your eyes to the most important – and the only – person who can turn your life around and bring miracles to life: YOU!

 The place to start harnessing your power to determine your destiny, to achieve any intention as well as lasting fulfillment, is your own mind. According to the Vedic tradition, the most profound way to affect the course of your life is by harnessing the power of resolution or intention, which in Sanskrit is called sankalpa.
Sankalpa is the compound of two Sanskrit words: kalpa, which means “a way of proceeding” or, more revealingly, “the rule to be…

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‘the duck syndrome’

you don't know me.

“Have you heard of the duck syndrome?” 

I shook my head; no.

“You know how a duck looks calm and collected as it moves languidly on the surface of the water? To the observer the duck looks serene, but in truth, the duck is furiously paddling with all its might underwater. That’s the duck syndrome and honestly, maybe that’s really what’s going on [here].” 

She paused for a second then gently said,“So maybe you should stop looking at other people.”

— from a conversation in 2014 with a dear friend I’d befriended during my first year at Stanford

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Daily Dose of Inspiration – Good Vibration

Be Inspired..!!

The best indication of your alignment is your “feeling”. When you feel good it just means your “physical vibration” is in alignment with the vibration of life (your true nature) and when you feel bad it just means, in this moment, your vibration is in resistance with the vibration of life. Negative thoughts cause you to feel bad, also residual negative energy within the body can cause you to feel bad. When you feel good it’s either because you are observing something, in your physical reality, that you are enjoying or because you are thinking some thoughts that make you feel joy or because you are just at peace with this moment. Whatever be the reason, if you are feeling good it means in this moment you are aligned with the movement of life.

Reach for the “Good Feeling”. It’s a choice that you need to make. At every moment…

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