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Love Quote:

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The Unfinished Love Story


I still remember that day. Every time I rewind and replay it I live that moment again and again.

I got up early in the morning even before my alarm could welcome me with its ringtone. I was surprised to see myself turn off alarm even before it could ring. Today was no different than yesterday but I was not feeling the same. I woke up early after a late and tiring night but yet all the fatigue was gone with just one smile that came across my face because today is going to be a memorable day in my life.Read More »

The day I met you…..

Thousands of thoughts were racing through my mind. I had hundreds of questions to ask and much more to talk about. I played and replayed each and everything I wanted to ask and discuss with you. I wanted to be my best and give the best time and a good company…………
But when I saw you my mind was blank, I was out of words…….
Didn’t know what to talk
And by the time I realized that I had many things planned to ask and talk, the time said

“it is time to go………..”

The Symbol of True Love-A Match Made in Heaven.


It is said that good things never come easy and great things require time, as masterpieces are never urgent. And such great things stay strong and tall for a very long time.

Life is a journey on unchartered areas, it is a map which is yet to be discovered and the only way to know what lies beyond this is to take a step forward.

We never know on this journey what happens; we don’t know who will meet us and whom we will meet.

 Some come in our life as a blessing and some as lessons, but every person is very important because all those people have played their part well in making us the person what we are today.

We meet many people in our lives and only a few remain with us till the end.

But once when people are meant to be together, no matter what they will be together till the end and such bonds are very precious as they are rare.

 It has been 23 years that you both have come together today and on the day when you met, neither of you imagined that you would be having a life together in the future. Maybe this is what destiny had in store for you. You had many ups and downs, many hurdles and many challenges during your life but no matter what and how anything happened, in the end, you both stood by each other crossing all the hurdles together, holding each other’s hand before entering into the new phase of life.

Gangishetty Rajendra Prasad, Gangishetty Krishna Kumari, you are the true symbol of love in our lives. Never let the smile escape from your face because the most beautiful thing we ever like to see about you is a smile on your face and we cannot bear to see you without a smile.

 You are our source of inspiration, our source of determination and our refuge in hard times. We learnt from you that life is not easy and so long as life is, there is a struggle and no matter what and how bad the situation maybe never stop believing in what you do and never stop loving your family. You both have been great parents, great teachers, and good friends to us. You are the most precious gift god has ever given to us and we can’t thank him enough for it.

We wish you a Happy Marriage Anniversary………………

You are the symbol of true love in our lives and this is the proof that it is a match made in Heaven.


Every day I wake up hoping to see you today.
I come out with the belief that I can see you in the eyes,

Meet you and talk to you.

I muster courage, bring myself together to see and admire the beauty god has created,

But every time I see you my heart races, skips a beat.
My eyes wander away.

I no longer control my body.

I feel weightless.

My legs feel weak, I lose control over my senses.

My life appears to go on in slow motion when you are around.

Finally when you walk away I feel bad that today I have failed to see your beautiful face.

I have failed to talk to you.

I wake up with the belief that I would be able to see you again the next day!

I don’t know whether you will ever be a part of my life or whether I would be courageous enough to talk my mind out to you, but I am happy with what I have for today.

And you surely mean something more in my life.