Parenting-A Job of a Cogwheel

I think being a parent is one of the toughest jobs in this world. Even though you are fully prepared, children always tend to surprise you with their out-of-the-syllabus demeanour.

When we are having trouble to understand an adult who can think, talk and walk, how can we understand an infant who cannot do any of these?

Every waking hour of our life is a small war. We keep fighting our way up just so we could provide for ourselves. We are not able to handle people with whom we work and interact on a daily basis, how do you think parents are coping with the upbringing of their children?

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Happy Birthday Dad! Or not so Happy…….

Mom: “It is okay Tanay, tomorrow is your dad’s birthday.

We will plan something for his birthday.

You know he loves you. He is just worried about you. That’s all.”

Me: “But Mom, Dad never celebrates his Birthday! Remember how he sent his friends and colleagues away when we planned for a surprise last year?

I do not know why he does not celebrate his birthday. All those people really felt bad. He could have at least thanked them for coming!

I am not sure if he would like it this time either and I am not going to go through another round of quarrel with him!”

Mom: “Let us not call anybody home tomorrow. We will bake a special cake for him before he comes home from work. Sounds Fun?

And I am sure this time he might not do something like that…”

Me: “Fine! As long as it changes his mood and gets me my keys back! Love you Mom. Thank you for being there.”

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