I am Glad that I fell in Love with you….!!

Once upon a time there was a person named *Abhay (Abhay here can be a girl/boy). Abhay fell in love with this beautiful person whom he became friends a few years back and slowly started falling for that person. But sadly that person walked out of the relationship because it was not working out……..Read More »


In my Dreams……………!

This is something which goes way back into the past making me nostalgic about the times I had wild discussions with my friends and enjoyed sleeping under the star-studded sky. This is that moment when I had a friend who never lived in the present and was always dreaming. It bothered me so much that I wanted to try and live in his shoes, knowing how he never saw anything that went around in front of his eyes.

He often landed himself in troubles because of his dreams. It went to such an extent that one day the director of our college visited our class, while the rest of the class stood to greet him, this guy was off in his dream world, sitting and staring outside the window which was beside him. He got punished for being absent minded and even then he didn’t mend his ways. Intrigued, I asked him what he dreamt about. After so much of coaxing, he let me in on it and started narrating why he became such an idiotic dreamer. After many years, today, I want to share the dream he shared with me.

In his narration, this is how it goes:

I am a sound sleeper by habit. If I sleep I won’t even know what’s going on around me. And by telling you how I sleep, I also want to put in that I usually don’t dream but whenever I do, all I dream about is falling down or seeing somebody die.

One day a dream changed me. It was the most wonderful dream I ever had. I saw a girl in my dream and after that dream I never wanted to stop dreaming about Her.

I never had a peaceful childhood. My parents always used to quarrel and fight and whenever there was a fight I used to either run away somewhere for some time until things settle down or go to my room lock myself up and cry till I sleep. I am not complaining or saying that I have problems because most of us have our own score of sorrows, mine was a bit tough because it involved me and seeing my parents fight I don’t know why, but I always craved for love and a life partner, from my childhood.

It indeed sounds foolish and stupid but it went on in my mind to such an extent that when I was studying my 7th class, putting up some courage I went up to my father and told him that I wished to get married and that too now, in that very moment…… my father had a good laugh and said “Look, son, there is still a lot of time for you to get married. Child marriage is illegal and nobody will give their girl to you at this age because you are a small kid. You cannot handle such a big responsibility. So have patience, you will be married at the right time.”

After this encounter, my mother, sisters and everyone near and dear to me got to know what I asked my father and they had a jolly good time making fun of me. But having gone through all that I still didn’t get over that feeling of falling in love and getting married to the girl I loved maybe because seeing my parents quarrel deep in my heart an idea to marry the girl whom I love got embedded. .

And this feeling slowly started growing into an insatiable desire to find a loved one.

Then I saw her, for the first time in my life, in my dream. That’s the day I never wanted to wake up from her dreams. She is not a beauty nor is she a princess, but she definitely became the world for me.In my dream, I saw her for the first time in my College. It was my first day and I was rushing to catch up with my class when she was coming down in the opposite direction, I couldn’t help but stop and look back at her and admire her. That moment, it was the first time in my life that my heart skipped a beat! That moment I could not think of anything but wishing to see her again and wishing she would turn back once again before she goes. At that moment, I just thought how amazing it would be to have her as a classmate rather than a senior.

She left my eye view and I started to rush to my class coming out of her trance. I entered the class and took my place,

I was in a trance again when I saw her. I crossed my fingers and was praying to god to make her be my classmate.I think God heard my prayers, she came inside the classroom and sat down in the next bench to me.

I don’t remember exactly how it felt like in the dream because I hardly concentrated on my class. The feeling was electric. Exactly in 10 minutes, when I was about to see her face, the alarm in my phone brought me back to life.

I cursed myself and tried to get back to sleep to continue the dream. But I couldn’t resume my sleep or finish that dream. I was in the dream whole day, thinking about the dream and was feeling very bad that I couldn’t see her properly.

I know that a dream is not a real one but, I do not know why I was eager and anxious to resume the same dream where I have stopped just for once, so that I can see her at least once.

In the night before sleeping, I prayed to God so that he grants me my wish. I don’t remember even remember being so desperate about something like this in my life. I slept well that day but bad luck was looming around me, I didn’t dream about her again. I tried to get back for a few days like this and one fine day when I was about to lose hope I finally dreamt about her again.

I saw her right there in my class wearing a red and black combination traditional salwar kameez which made her look even rosier than her actual self. She was about 5 feet; she is of the height of my chest. She had a perfectly figured body, not extremely thin or extremely fat but a fabulous one which would fit in and go with any type of wardrobe! She had slender legs which will make any sane person like me go mad after her. She has long silky hair, which fall in front of her face from the side in such a way that it covers her face making her more beautiful and making it a bit difficult to the person to have a proper look at that beautiful face. At that very moment she slowly and momentarily taking the few strands which were blocking my view, while reading the book she had in her hand curled them back at her ear. The act was small but ecstatic.

I don’t know how this mechanism works, but you feel some sort of feeling in your mind when someone is watching you. Maybe that’s what has happened to her, she lifted her head from the book she was reading and was looking straight at me through her glasses. Now I was really caught!!

I had no other option but to smile sheepishly that I was caught staring at her! She returned my smile and was back to her work. I was still observing her, watching her every move and registering her every act and feature because I thought, maybe, I won’t get another chance to look at her and I wanted to relish all her greatness before I wake up from my dream. Her eyes were like small leaves fitting perfectly in her small but pretty face which made her look attractive. I couldn’t stop myself from staring at her and looking at her eyes. They were crystal clear just like two small black round balls in small leaf-like sockets. Her nose always formed a small curve when she laughed. Small dimples formed on her cute cheeks when she smiled. Her lips were small luscious ones which looked like small petals of roses which are light pinkish in colour hiding her gorgeously beautiful white teeth. She looked mesmerizingly cute when she put up a pout because of disappointment or when in need of something. In short, she looked like a goddess to me and I was in disbelief.

I only saw how her lips curled up when she read a piece of article that was blemishing, I only saw how her eyes sparkle when she loved what she read. I saw exactly how her gestures spoke to me and knew in that very same moment, that I can never find another person who could complement her gestures or can make me fall in love with anything more subtly expressive than her.

I saw my mother’s eyes sparkle when I achieved something and made her proud, I saw the same sparkle in her eyes when she caught me admiring her. I saw her blushing and couldn’t help but smile knowing that I was the cause for her blush. I forgot to be myself when she blushed under my stare.

I wonder whether it really is a dream or am I really seeing such a beautiful girl. Our class got finished and we were about to leave when she called me by my name. I turned back and lo! She was not there! She vanished into thin air. Now I was shocked. I was about to panic when I heard my mom calling me to get up and get ready as I was already late for my class.

From then on, I never wanted to come out of my dream. I missed her name and her face, but I still remember how it felt when I saw her.

When I saw her I was not able to see anything beyond her, everything was blank and unclear but the only thing which was clearly visible to me was her face which was smiling at me lovingly, probably indicating to me that we are going to meet very soon for sure. I really wished all of it to be real, but I had to accept the stark reality that it is a dream and cannot be a reality.

In my dreams

Once I heard my mother tell my sister that dreams that come in the morning come true! From that day on till this day I am anxiously waiting to meet the girl I dreamt about.

“If there ever will be one wish that I could make, I would wish for that one dream to happen, or better yet I would wish to live in that dream over and over again. For as long as all my hair would turn grey, as long as my skin ages and for as long as I carry medicines to keep me going. Because I knew, the day I saw her in my dreams, was the day I stopped living the reality and I know right now, that my reality exists somewhere beyond all this, somewhere where she resides.”

He thus ended his story about how he saw the girl, whom he thought is going to be his life, for as long as he’d remember. I don’t know where he is today and if he found the girl of his dreams but I do hope with all my heart that he finds the girl of his dreams. And not just because he would be happy, but for once,

I know that she sure would be the luckiest girl ever, to be loved endlessly by someone with all his heart, forever.


Courtesy: Sai Bhavana Vemuri. without whom this most would not have been such a beautiful one.

Good Impression and Reputation

Good Impression and Reputation

There was a very naughty boy named Himamsh, who lived in Manush village. If anywhere any mischief happens the only name which was to be blamed was Himamsh. He was such a mess that one day when his teacher asked him to do some assignment, he didn’t do it. The next day when the teacher entered the class he asked her permission to go to toilet and didn’t turn up for 10 minutes. Teacher feeling that something is wrong went inside the bathroom to look for him. This was the moment Himamsh was waiting for all the way long, he immediately ran into the classroom locking the teacher inside the toilet. He announced the whole class that today there are no classes as teacher is not coming!!!

He was the youngest in his family and his father pampered him a lot. His father always supported him no matter what, when the school principal complained about the prank he played on the teacher, his father coolly replied that kids if not now when will they play pranks??? With such a support from his father he slowly became a spoilt kid. He always used to do all the mischief wherever he goes. One night he had a quarrel with his sister. Because of which he got a sound thrashing from his mother.

He wanted to take revenge on his sister, so he devised a plan to take his revenge. His sister was preparing for a dance competition the next day. Himamsh thought that this is his chance and when everyone was asleep he slowly crept to his sister’s bed and applied glue to her hair! The next day when his sister woke up she was in complete horror!! Her hair was stuck to the bed and she could not get up at all! She cried when doctor said that to get her out, cutting her hair is the only way. He had his revenge and her sister a lesson, not to meddle with her brother!!!

His mother was fed up with his tantrums and his father’s support. His pranks increased day by day and it troubled his mother a lot. She was worried and afraid, how she will cope with him. She didn’t know how to put an end to his endless pranks.

Himamsh slowly began to grow into a fine young man. But his pranks have not stopped yet. Days passed and years too but nothing changed him. His mother prayed to God to put an end to his pranks and her prayers were soon answered by Him but not in a way she expected to.

After a few years, Himamsh’s father passed away unexpectedly. His father’s death took a toll on Himamsh the most because he lost the most precious gift of his life and his biggest support. He withdrew from all his mischievous activities as soon as his father died, because he was the world for him and he always had the last laugh with his father sharing his pranks for the day and now the same world is nothing but just an urn of ashes. He couldn’t digest the fact that his father was no more.

His mother was having a tough time to make both ends meet and he realized how hard his parents worked and especially his mother worked to bring him up to support his studies.  He stopped being naughty and started being a good boy. He tried his best not to trouble his mother. He did his best to keep her happy but how much ever he tried, his mother never believed him. It took him years to gain her love and affection. She slowly started believing that he has changed. But the real test was yet to come.

One fine morning Himamsh left home to write his exam. He was on his way to the centre. He suddenly found a person lying on the road.  He was bleeding and nobody was around to help him. Himamsh thought that he could not leave him. He took him to a hospital. He was there with the man till he regained consciousness.

It was late in the night by the time he reached home. His mother was waiting outside for him angrily. As soon as she saw him she came rushing to him asking him where he had been all day and why he didn’t write today’s exam. When he narrated the whole story she didn’t believe a word of his. She scolded and said that she made a mistake believing him and letting him have his way. She didn’t talk to him for many days. Himamsh thought that there is no use of him now to live anymore. His mother will never believe him.

So one morning, before she woke up he left home in search of a lonely place either to end his life or to start a new life alone. He was on his way to the hilly area at the end of his village. While he was going, he met a sage who asked him where he was going in such a hurry that too early in the morning. When he didn’t respond the sage asked what was troubling him. Himamsh then narrated the whole story to the sage who listened to him with great interest. He also told the sage that no matter how hard and nice he try, just with one deed his mother has now stopped believing him and he asked the sage as to why can’t she see all the good deeds he had done? Are they nothing? Or meaningless? Don’t they have any value?

After Himamsh narrated his tale the sage asked him to accompany him to his ashram. Himamsh accompanied him. As soon as they entered the ashram he took Himamsh to the backyard and asked him to do two things.

  1. To plant a seed of his choice.
  2. To make a small tank sort of thing near a tap where the water was leaking drop by drop, with mud which can store the water leaking from the tap in it.

He then asked him to come every day to the ashram for 2 weeks and pour water to the sapling he has just planted. At the end of two weeks he will tell him what to do next.

So Himamsh for the next 2 weeks went to the ashram every day, poured water to the seed.

At the end of 2 weeks he went to the sage. The sage on seeing him said that he was expecting him and asked him to come over to the backyard.

The sage asked Himamsh to observe the seed he planted and also the tank which he made 2 weeks ago and asked him to come back with his observations. When he came back the sage asked what he had observed.

Himamsh was annoyed by the sage because for the past 2 weeks this sage was making him do all his work and at the end, he asks him what he observed instead of giving a solution to his problem.

He, afraid of the sage, controlling his anger said that the seed grew into a fine sapling now and the container which he made was empty then, is almost full!

The sage asked him did he understand anything from this.

Himamsh replied, “What is there to understand from this? And what relation does it have with my problem?

The sage asked him to come over with him and said showing the sapling, “This sapling represents the efforts you have made to gain the love and affection from your mother. It has taken time to grow into such a fine sapling with your daily care and nurturing.

The leakage from the tap, drop by drop which got accumulated in the tank you made. It represents your small deeds you have done and the water stored in the tank represents the accumulation of all the good deeds you have done.

Now can you please make a small hole at the bottom of the tank?

Himamsh was puzzled. He thought that the sage was mad, because he has made huge efforts to build it and if he didn’t want to save the water from going waste then why did he ask him to build it in the first place.

When he was about to ask, the sage told him that he would get his answers but first he has to do what he was told.

When he made the hole, slowly the water started to leak and soon there was no water in the tank at all.

The sage said that,

“Each drop which was collected in the tank was your small good deed you have done. You have seen how each drop slowly became into a small pond in the storage. The small hole you created is the misdeed or mistake which people think that you have done and as a result all the good that you have done washes away. So just as you don’t see water anymore in the tank, people though know that you have done good deeds won’t be able to see them because of the hole which came into your life”

So see it takes a life time to get good impression and reputation but a second to lose it.”

Reputation and good impression are just like that plant and water. They take time to grow but won’t take time to wither away and dry away.

Your name is your good asset so guard it properly.

So my son, don’t worry that all is lost. All is not lost yet. You can still make efforts again but as this seed took some time to grow into a plant it will take time for you to gain back your mother’s love again. Try once more, no harm in it.