“Nobody” is INDISPENSABLE but “Everybody” is….

Whatever you go through in life, you grow through them and that is how you stand as who you are today, because of your past experiences……


Few lines dedicated to a Father, who thought nobody was indispensable….

Dear Son,

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Small acts and gestures are the real big things

It’s been one year since I joined ValueLabs. My journey in ValueLabs started as an intern. And in my journey of one year I have met a lot of people, made friends and interacted with many employees working on the various sectors of the company.

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A smile at the end of a tiring day from an unknown person can change your mood……

It was a very tiring day and I was standing at a signal near panjagutta Central to catch the bus back to my room. Usually I don’t find a direct bus but luckily that day I got a direct bus which stopped at the junction because the signal was on red. I thanked God and started rushing towards it to board it before the signal changes to green.Read More »

Li’l Saviour!

I went to visit the Badrakhali temple in Begumpet, Hyderabad and I want to share the experience today.

Since it is a ritual to wash your hands and legs before entering a temple, I was washing my legs. I heard cries of small kittens coming from somewhere. I looked around to see where they were but couldn’t find them.

I ignored the cries and entered the temple and after entering the temple I again heard the cries. When I looked around I found a small girl standing near a pillar trying to jump and reach to the top of the pillar, at first I thought she was just playing around, but I found out that she was trying to help the kittens which were trapped on the top of the pillar and were afraid to come down. Her father called her and said,

“Leave the kittens alone dear, it’s no use, they won’t let us near them. Their mother might be here only somewhere near, it will come and help them out.”

She was adamant to leave and started to cry saying ” I won’t come until you save those kittens.”

By seeing the girl cry, I was very moved. Immediately I asked the watchman there to bring a ladder so that I can climb and get them down. He also said “Sir its no use trying to get them they won’t come”

Yet, when I insisted he bought the ladder and seeing the child’s determination and my reaction even he tried to help us get down the kittens.

After 10 minutes of struggle, we realized that there is no use in trying, the kittens won’t come down, I told the same to the girl but she was not ready to take no as an answer. She started crying again. Seeing her I felt bad and compassionate, I thought why don’t I try once again what’s there in it to loose. I gave another shot and this time I tried frightening them away rather than trying to catch them and my trick worked out.

One fell down because of fear and the other jumped up and ran towards her mother. Feeling happy that I accomplished the task I got down.

As soon as I got down the girl came running to me, kissed my cheek and said, “Thank you very much!”

She was very happy. Her eyes told how much happy she was when the kittens were saved. She then happily hopped around and went along with her father to worship the deity.

All the time she was smiling, happy and contented that the kittens were safe and reached her mother.

I was just amazed by the compassion she had towards those small creatures. I was moved by her. she was small and powerless, but yet she wanted to help those kittens even when we accepted defeat, she was not ready to take “NO” as an answer.

I think we all have to learn from that little girl many things and some of them are:

  1. Not to give up on something which you want to do, no matter what.
  2. Not to accept no as an answer.
  3. When you feel like giving up, that is when you have to push yourself more since you will be near to your goals.
  4. No matter what and no matter how weak you are and in what position you are, if you want to do something and are not willing to accept defeat, life will always give you resources to help you do what you want.
  5. Have compassion towards all living creatures.

Thanks for taking your time and reading it.

Title Credit: Srutha Keerthi. Thank you for giving me such a beautiful title!!

Defamation- A wildfire

Dedicated to a friend and to all those who are victims of such wildfires.

This post is not just about that happened to my friend but to all those who have been a victim for unwanted paparazzi and criticism.

Usually in our world people are always jealous about some or the other people and it is a general human tendency to criticize the opposite person and they criticize because they either don’t like the way other persons do some things or they are simply jealous of them. Leaving apart from criticism it clearly is evident that it is the normal human nature to be anxious about what’s going on in other person’s life than what is going on in ours. We find it exciting and interesting to listen and know what the other person is doing. That is, in fact, good, but we generally tend to concentrate more on the negative of the person rather than the positive.

We do keep seeing in news every day about some great leader or politician getting caught in some scam or some political issues and as soon as this happens we can see that all the news channels and papers carry news about them extensively and even give nicknames, cartoons memes etc. but have you ever wondered what happens if he is let out that he has not done anything wrong? You won’t even bother even the newspapers may or may not carry the news because they don’t find it that interesting as the previous one because the previous one gave power, fame, satisfaction and sales whereas the 2nd news  won’t give them all those results.

It so really happened in many cases. my friend was one of the victims and am feeling very bad about how people are talking about him today. even those who don’t know him personally and have never seen him talk ill and bad about him and as if this is not enough they also improvise the story because they actually don’t know what really has happened so they make up such stories in order to show off and to prove that the opposite person is truly a bad one

No matter how many good things you do they won’t that popular but you do one bad thing the news is spread like a wildfire burning and eating away all the deeds you have done previously because good deeds and news are like water they don’t spread quickly whereas bad news is like wildfire they burn down faster even than you can imagine. But if you are proved right the world never talks about you, they only talk the wrongs you supposedly did.

Once a person is defamed it is spread like wildfire but if such an accusation is proved wrong, nobody even is bothered about that.

All I want to say that talk something good about a person rather than his bads. Who knows maybe someday you might be the bad one.

An Unexpected Encounter

This encounter is one thing I think I cannot forget ever in my life. This happened almost 2 years back but when I look back I feel that it happened just yesterday.  I recently saw this video which made me write this small experience of mine.


I was at Mahatma Gandhi Bus Station, Hyderabad. I went to give send off to my sister. We were waiting for her bus to arrive on the platform.

We were having small talks about “what’s next?, Job? Business, Future plans” etc, as we were talking I saw a woman approaching us carrying a baby with her.

She looked as if she was in her mid 20’s, her clothes were a bit shabby. She came to us and told us that she was a resident of Vijayawada and that she came to Hyderabad for a check up for her child. She told us that all the money she brought with her were spent for a checkup and now she is short of 100 rupees to reach home. She asked us to help her with some amount and she promised she will refund that money as soon as she reaches her place.  After listening to her, the first thing that came to my mind is that if I am in such a situation what will I be doing? I will either call my family members to send some money or go to the nearby police station for help. I wondered then why this woman is approaching passersby for help? After some thought, I told her that I don’t have money and I cannot help her. I asked her to leave. She stood there for about 2 minutes or so and I heard her utter these words” Will you die if you give some money?” I was taken aback by her sudden change of emotion and before I could react she fled from the place. I couldn’t help but think about the incident for the whole day and felt guilty. I Thought I was harsh wth the woman. But I felt that trusting my gut instinct was good and thinking thus I put my guiltiness at bay.

After a few days, I happened to be in the same bus stand in the same platform but this time I was boarding the bus. As usual I was waiting for my bus to arrive and the same woman approached me asking for money with the same lame reason that she came to Hyderabad for her child’s checkup and short of money for return journey. Recognizing her I asked her if she still couldn’t collect money to go home for two months?  She had a surprising look on her face and pretended that she didn’t hear any of it and when I tried to confront she tried to give me a slip. I said I would give her the whole charges and, in fact, accompany her to the bus she has to board. She politely refused that offer and said “sir please just give me the money I don’t want to trouble you much.” I repi=lied that it was not a problem at all and asked her to accompany me to the police station so that they can do something to help her reach her home. The moment I mentioned Police she took to her heels and she vanished into the crowd of the bus depot in a jiffy.

I felt better that I relied on my gut instinct.

After that, I experienced many such incidents in Hyderabad in different degrees. In Tirupathi many a times, I find people approaching and requesting for help with some money saying that they came for the darshan of the lord and lost their purse and with that all their money. I heard few of my friends who shared the same experience I had in various places.

In the meanwhile, I read these posts and stories put up in facebook and other social media to be careful and aware of street beggars. I am not saying that all beggars are like this, but I am suggesting that majority of them are. Helping is good but help where it makes people lazy and where it leads to wrong paths is not recommended.

This incident reminds me of a famous quotation


The point I want to bring home to all those who read this post is that donate money, give your support and help where a person is truly benefited in a positive aspect and for the growth of that person but not otherwise.

The funny thing is I was discussing this story with my mom and she told me she too had such unexpected encounters with 2 people a “gangireddula” fellow who when was asked to come later by my mother said “if I come tomorrow will you give me one lakh rupees? No na so why are you asking me to come again.

Another one was a ten-year-old kid who came directly asking for 10 rupees. And when my mom asked him what he will do with them he told her that he will drink tea and that it is none of her business for a 10 rupees she is behaving as if she is giving him crores of rupees.

Finally, I want to conclude it by saying that support that cause which is for the betterment of the society but not for its degradation.

Necklace Road-The Boulevard, which is a Pride of Hyderabad.

Hyderabad is famous for many things, but out of all those it is mostly known and renowned for its renowned Charminar and Necklace road. Named after the famous Necklace Road in Bombay, this road lies near the Hussain Sagar Lake, around Buddha statue. During all these years many changes were made to this beautiful landscape of nature which was carefully sculpted into a man-made beauty; many food stalls, entertainment and amusement parks have been developed so that it would attract more public.

There are amusement parks like NTR Gardens, Lumbini Park, Jala Vihar etc. surrounding the lake along the Necklace road. Many trees and plants have been planted on either side of the roads to make it look like a paradise built on earth. It truly is something Hyderabad should be proud of. This place has always stood as an example of the pride of Hyderabad and even today it sure does stand by its name.

The Buddha in the middle of the lake stands for the serenity of the city and the patience it has towards anything. The city stands as an example in its culture and diversity too.

The people here adapt very quickly to the new trends and cultures that they meet. Sadly it fails to recognize which ones to adapt and which one to let go.

I have the greatest respect towards this city and all its culture but sometimes it does remind me of restrictions and the lack of which there might be a downscale of balance in the society. Whenever I am out of ideas and moody I feel like visiting this place i.e. a park beside the Ohri’s, near Jala Vihar, in necklace road because it gives me solace and brings a state of peace and stillness in my mind. Whenever I go there I usually sit there for half an hour or so, savoring the nature’s beauty and the beauty of the lake so that I can think straight over few matters to which I am not able to decide properly. Today too I thought of paying it a visit.

And as I have decided to go I made my way to my regular spot and then something unusual caught my eye. I was entering the park and at the entrance of the park I found a couple entwined in their ecstatic embrace, in their world of dreams. At first I thought that they just are here like any other couple enjoying the scenery and having some privacy but the closer I got the more things seemed clear. I was shocked by what I saw. They were not simply embracing themselves as I thought they were but showing public display of affection by kissing each other without being bothered of the public moving there! For a moment I was confused. I didn’t know where I was. I was wondering if I was in America. But then I realized that I didn’t have a passport, so this must be India.

I couldn’t help but watch them to see to what extent they will go. I didn’t have the courage to shoo them away from the place, so I did what I can, I started bothering them with my presence and thought that if I made them feel a bit uncomfortable they might leave but to my surprise when I was talking to my friend about my plan, a worker there who was mowing the grass told me “nothing is going to happen with your plan, we have been working here for over an hour now and from then on we are watching them but they are not bothered at all by our presence. All that matters to them is to do what they have come for. And by the looks of it, you look like a visitor who has come here for the first time. It is a routine over here.” I was shocked when he made such a striking comment straight in my face.

I then realized he really meant it, because when a group of girls passing that way, were trying to cover their faces and their friend’s faces to avoid watching this public display of affection while they were passing that way. And this seemed to have no effect on the couple or any couple sitting their minding their “BUSINESS”.

I am just shocked with their indifferent attitude. I didn’t realize that Hyderabad has become this advanced in such aspects than expected.

It’s funny that you are not allowed to watch a movie which is certified as “A” in theatre if you are not above 18years and here a kid of 10 years keeps running around the park, holding rose flowers in his hand trying to sell them to the lovers who showed up there and gets his sneak peek of whatever they get engaged in while he is doing his business. When I asked him how much does he earn and why does he do so, he replied, “Dekho bhaiyya mein na ye roses 10rs ko khareed tha hun aur yahan aake bhej tha hun. Kabhi kabhi koi nahi khareed tha par jab ladki ke saath aaya aur mein jaake puch tha hun to koi mana nahi karta kyun ki ladki ke saamne bezthi hogi aur jab tak vo khareed the hein mein waha se nahi jaata aur unko apna jis kaam ke liye aaye hein wo nahi karne deta hun” his reply put me into deep thinking. We don’t allow children to do anything wrong but this poor kid because of his poverty he has learned a technique to earn money but in a wrong way. It is said that “Today’s youth are tomorrow’s citizens” and if today’s youth is such indifferent in such a diverse country like India then I am afraid what would be the fate of this great historical and cultural country. We celebrate Yoga Day. We celebrate Valentine day but which one do we actually follow? Which one is correct? On one hand we see the campaign Selfie With Daughter by honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi which tries to encourage sex ratio and girl child in India and a woman who after trying to voice her opinion that such schemes don’t promote girl child and trying to use her freedom of speech has landed her in trouble and the great citizens have forgot that she too is someones daughter and she too is a woman and she too has the equal rights in this country just like any other person to voice her opinion about development in India and the other hand we see one man who even after having 14 daughters harasses his wife to give birth to a male child and he goes to the extent of saying that he will make her pregnant till she gives birth to a male child. Why does that guy want a male child? What does he want to prove?  Where are we going?

Now coming back to the topic I previously started the event in necklace road since all this discussion came out because of that one incident I only thought Necklace Road was a pride to Hyderabad because it made it look like a bride’s necklace at night time but now realized it also stands as a lovers spot in the day time! And I have to admit that I have in my life for the first time seen a guy kiss a girl for real in front of my eyes and the girl didn’t bother about who were looking at them, she was busy fondling her lover. And this is not the only place that happens like this now a days you find umpteen couples in parks like this all over India.

Now please tell me what should we be proud of? What should we do? We say that we have freedom to do anything India is a democratic and republic country.

Then what happened to the woman’s freedom who dared to voice her opinion for development. The man who said that he is free to do whatever he wants to do with his wife, what shall we do about him?

If son is that important to him because the legacy stands and extends because of him then what kind of legacy this guy at the park would he create for his family? I am not saying that you should not love but I am just saying that what might be right for you might not be right for others. If you are in love enjoy yourself in the privacy of your rooms but not in public because


I just want to put in that lets not aim for technological advancement but for cultural and moralistic advancement. Let us strive to create a society where nobody is put to discomfort because of the deeds of others. Let us strive for a better India.

The Most Memorable Birthday ever!!!

The best birthday ever in my life!!!!!

I never thought there can be any better birthday of mine which I usually celebrate with my family and friends at home. But one day, one incident changed my whole perception. Today I want to share that experience with you because it is a special day for the person who made the most memorable birthday of my life and made me feel special even though I am not such a blessed one. Before I tell you this story I want to give you a briefing about a few things.

14th November, 2011. This was the first day of my college in Pendekanti Law College. It was a new day, new life, and new aspirations to me. I entered the college with many aims, aspirations, and dreams in my hand. I didn’t know what lay behind the gate of this college. As soon as I entered I met 2 persons. They are Anshul Agarwal and Pramod Maligi. They too are just like me, the first year students joining that day in my class. I made introductions with them. And I never knew that these 2 guys will play an important role during my days in Pendekanti. You see people say, you never know what happens until it happens. The same thing happened to me too. As soon as we were through with our first year we 3 were started being called as “The 3 Musketeers” and true to the tag we are the undisputed trio. The first day when I met both of them, the way Anshul was behaving I thought “Whoa! Such an outright and outgoing guy he is! He is not my cadre, I don’t think we can gel well together, because I am not an extrovert like him” then after seeing Pramod I thought “Hmm….. This guy seems silent, and my type, I guess I should make good friends with him and who knows we may also become best buddies too…”

But as someone rightly said “Never judge by appearances, because appearances deceive” my assessment about Anshul was partly right but the part of not becoming best of friends has been proved wrong. I still remember the quarrel I had with Pramod in my first year. It is like a scar in my life which denies wiping itself off of me, I was completely broken because I feel that friends are rare and delicate gifts, you hardly find friends whom you can be yourself so HANDLE THEM WITH CARE! I was trying hard to find ways to reconcile with Pramod. That was when Anshul held me together. He was by my side supporting me, guiding me saying “chal yaar, jaane de, tu tera galti maan liya abh it is upto him to forgive you. Agar wo tereko dost mantha hein na to jaroor maaf karega. You don’t feel bad, you did what you can.” This was the first time I felt that

“people whom we think that these people don’t know and understand emotions or relations then that is where you go wrong, because these are the people of all who really do care, but the thing is they hardly show.”

Now as I have given you a brief description of the 2 characters that forcefully entered my life and yes made a hell lot adventure of my life in college. I can say this that when I look back, I may not remember anything which I did in college but I will never forget these 2 guys and Ashish without whom my life supposedly would have been far much better than today. No doubt it would also have been boring and uneventful. Out of all I will for sure remember Anshul and his miscreants and also his support. I will never forgive him for all the drama he pulls on me and makes me the laughing stock in front of everyone but I will also never forget the hungama we did together. All those crazy night outs, one night batting for exams, late night dinners and all. These all are the sweet memories of mine with him but the deepest one which I can never forget and repay him was one singular act which I never expected from a person like him. So I begin with the most memorable day of my life with him.

I don’t know why I feel so attached about my birthday. But was very fussy and protective about it and you know was very particular about it when people don’t wish me on my birthday. As said in 2013 we were having our semester examinations and to screw my happiness to the core the Osmania University decided to put an exam the very next day of my birthday so that I keep studying and not enjoy my birthday. And to add to my woes this day even my mom forgot my birthday. She called me up in the afternoon and wished me. And as these guys(Anshul, Ashish & Pramod) always put in “kaiku rotha re rondhu” I was shoving all my woes and frustration all onto Anshul because I was doing combined studies with him. I guess I ruined his day too that day; I didn’t let him study too. Then something happened which I never expected. I was feeling upset and was like fuck the exam I don’t want to study this subject because it has already screwed up my day and my mood. It was 11:30 in the night on my birthday when he along with two of his friends brought a cake to the room saying happy birthday. The day is not over yet and the party too!! So stop worrying and start blowing the candle! I was awestruck. I was not expecting this unprecedented event to happen at all and to tell you that, yes it happened. It really did and it made my day. I know that it is not so great or something, but imagine how you feel when you expect something to happen but it doesn’t and when you lost all hopes somebody comes up making your expectation a reality, that guy at that point of time will look like an angel to you and that would have been the best day of your life. That is what happened to me. I never had such a great birthday bash in my life. It was simple but one which I always will cherish deep in my heart. Today when I am recalling all of it, my whole life in the 4 years with this guy, his tantrums, his pranks, everything is in front of my eyes as I say it. I never made him special though because he is already special and gifted too. It is said that

when you are happy you search for people whom you love, but when you are sad you will search for people who love you.

And it is great to have people who love you than people you love and am indeed grateful to god to have him as my friend who always (not always actually, he can be you know unmanageable at times) was with me in my thick and thin in these 4 years and no doubt without him it would not have been any better.Anshul Agarwal

Happy Birthday Yaar! My brother! Hope you Have a Blast!!!!!!